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The Svelte Plus is an expanded version of the Svelte Shelf, with a center foam section twice as thick as the center foam section of the standard Svelte Shelf. In addition, the foam section of the Svelte Plus is protected by textured vinyl edgebanding, similar to that found on the Ultra Platform. Including its polished stainless steel top and bottom, total thickness is approximately 1.125 inches or 2.9 cm.

The increase in isolation and damping makes the Svelte Plus an excellent choice for analog turntables (see photo links at left), but its greater effectiveness will be appreciated with all components, including digital players, preamplifiers, amplifiers, power conditioners, and loudspeakers of all types.

Weight capacity is similar to the Svelte Shelf, but with greater rigidity, yielding increased cantilever strength when placed on widely-spaced supports. If uniform bottom support is provided (that is, if the platform is supported at its center as well as at its perimeter), the Svelte Plus will support hundreds or even thousands of pounds without any problem. However, its usefulness is not limited to heavier components, since it is as effective and as much at ease with small components as it is with large loudspeakers. Stock sizes are the same as available with the Svelte Shelf; please call or email for pricing.


19" x 14" x 1.125"

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