Gingko - Gingko Platform Cloud 10 for Scout

Gingko - Gingko Platform Cloud 10 for Scout




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"Putting the Gingko Audio Cloud 10 platform under the Scoutmaster was a bigger upgrade than going from an $800.00 cartridge to a $2500.00 cartridge. The Cloud 10 is a major sonic upgrade providing lower noise, greater space, and a much more realistic presentation and is highly recommended." — Harry Weisfeld of VPI

The principle of this platform is simple: Eliminate outside vibrations and, in so doing, reduce any "smearing" in your soundstage. Basically, your equipment is isolated by a cushion of air. And man does it work. Talk about bass slam! Plus, the piece is gorgeous.

Custom sizes are available in clear or black acrylic.

Measures 20 1/8 x 14 5/8 x 2.5.

"The Gingko Audio Cloud 10 vibration control platform is a giant killer in every sense of the word. It created hitherto unheard detail and slam in my system, treating me to a firework's display of audio exhilaration. Its ability to add sparkle and sheen as well as low-end bite were a revelation. What it lacked in soul it made up for in simple honesty by revving up my audio engines' energy. And with the ability to modify its sound with differently sized and weighted balls, the Cloud 10 is, indeed, a tweaker's dream." - Ken Micallef,, March 2004



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Ginko Cloud turntable isolation platform

posted on 09/22/2006
5 Stars
Reviewer: RG Daerr
Setup was easy. Fit and finish is very good. I used it to cure an acoustical feedback problem in my small listening room. Turntable is a VPI Scout. Trying to get good bass from my subwoofers was always a problem in this room. At a decent subwoofer level , rumble and distortion, due to feedback through the rack and turntabletable, was a hinderence to my enjoyment of LP playback. I have the problem totally licked now. My solution was a Target TT wall mount shelf, and the Ginko Cloud 10 for my Scout. I can now relax, turn it up, and drift away in LP bliss. Works great.

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