Symposium Acoustics - Svelte Sets Small 10' x 12'

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Symposium Acoustics



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"The Symposium platforms and Roller Block couplers work in much the same way as the Vertex and Stillpoints supports, but with one interesting wrinkle: they are particularly effective and simple to use under speakers…Once you get used to the fact that even the largest, heaviest speakers can move alarmingly freely in the horizontal plane, you realize that they're actually extremely stable. They also go deeper, are cleaner and far more agile in the bass – so much so that you'll likely need to pull them an inch or so forward from their customary position. The bass improvements simply open out the mid-band, bringing the music vividly to life, making the Symposiums a sonic as well as a practical success." – Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 48

pair of 10" by 12" svelte shelves for speakers.

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A worthwhile upgrade for the serious listener

posted on 04/04/2010
4 Stars
Reviewer: Marcos
At nearly $500, for many it would probably be a wiser investment to upgrade the speakers, but if you have your system close to where you want it, the Symposium platforms can be a substantial upgrade. Once you insert the Symposiums, you realize that the stands resonate with the speakers, especially when using Blutak, which welds them together as one. Freeing the speakers from the stand resonance yields more clarity in the mid and low bass and an overall more open sound. While lovers of standmounts prize them for their ability to dissappear, the Symposiums emphasize this quality even more. If you like your speakers, but wish for a bit less midbass thickness and more clarity, these could work well for you. If you are serious about optimizing the sound of your quality standmounts, the Symposium platforms are definitely worth investigating.

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