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Headquartered in Salina, Kansas, Acoustic Sounds, Inc. is the world leader in audiophile music. Owned by CEO Chad Kassem, who founded the company in 1986, Acoustic Sounds is a global retailer of the largest selection of highest-quality music in a variety of formats. Along with LPs, SACDs, reel-to-reel tape and other forms of high-quality audio recordings, we also sell turntables, cartridges, amplifiers, speakers and accessories - all designed to exceed the expectations of audiophiles.

  • Continuous refinement in our packaging and shipping methods have led us to perfection in the art of boxing LPs so that they arrive in perfect condition, warding off abuse in transit.

  • The company owns its own record pressing plant, Quality Record Pressings, and its own vinyl reissue label (Analogue Productions), an original production label (APO Records), its own print shop (Acoustic Sounds Printing), its own recording studio (Blue Heaven Studios), and its own LP mastering business (The Mastering Lab at Blue Heaven Studios).