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    I ordered the wrong item, how do I change or cancel my order?

    Call us at 1-888-9-ANALOG (26-2564) (Outside of the U.S.: 785-825-8609). 
    Or email us by using our online contact form.
    Be aware that most orders are processed right away and may not be able to be changed.

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    Domestic orders are generally processed same day if received by 3:00pm (CST). International orders, require 1-2 days for processing. We are closed Sundays. All orders received after 3:00pm (CST) on Fridays will be processed the next Monday.

    • By Web:
      Add the items to your "cart" and complete the order form.
    • By Phone:
      To ensure fast and efficient service, please have item numbers ready. We recommend that you fill out the order form with the complete item numbers. Please be sure your order is complete at the time you place it, to ensure it goes out the same day. We send orders to the warehouse as soon as they are placed, therefore, no changes can be made or items added. Have your Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express card handy. Then call us toll-free at 1-888-9-ANALOG (26-2564) (U.S.only).
    • By Mail:
      Please supply all of the information requested on the order form. We will accept payment by bank draft (no Eurocheques), money order, personal check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express (we must have the credit card expiration date).
    • By Fax:
      Fill out the order form just as if you were mailing it, then fax it to (785) 825-0156, 24 hours a day. Your fax order is considered an original order, please do not send a confirmation by mail. We cannot be responsible for duplicate orders.

    Sales tax
    Items sold by Acoustic Sounds that are shipped to the following states may be subject to applicable sales tax: AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI

    If you qualify for tax-exempt purchases, please contact our Customer Service team or call 800-716-3553.

    Payment Methods Accepted

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also accept money orders and personal checks and PayPal.

    For PayPal, you will receive and email with your total with instructions on how to submit payment. If you choose to send a personal check or money order please wait until you receive the Payment Method email, this will include your full total including the shipping charges. Payments sent must be in US Dollars – otherwise your order will be delayed.

    Placing an Order Without a Credit Card

    We do accept checks and money orders. Select the "Check" or "Money Order" option on the order form and then mail your payment to the below address. Include Order Number on your Check or Money Order.
       Acoustic Sounds, Inc.
       P.O. Box 1905
       Salina, KS, 67402-1905

    Checking the Status of Your Order

    Login to our web site and under "My Account" under the Recent Orders section you can view the status of each order.

    What does the Status mean?

    The order status lets you know what is going on with your order.

    • R or E = Order Received
    • H = On Hold. Your order is on hold for some reason. The reason should be shown, if not, contact us.
    • W or Q = Warehouse. The order is in our warehouse being packaged for shipment.
    • B = The order is on back order.
    • P = Partial. Some items have shipped, some are on backorder. View your order details.
    • S = Shipped. The order has shipped and will soon arrive.
    • X = Cancelled. The order has been cancelled.

    *Note: Orders in P (partial orders) as well as Q or W status (released to the warehouse to prepare for shipping) cannot have items added or removed, but customers may cancel the order.


    Special discounts on quantity purchases, equipment and sales may not display pricing and or shipping correctly on the online shopping cart. These will be calculated on the final invoice.

    Backordered items can no longer be added to your order, with the exception of Analogue Productions titles & equipment items. You will be able to use the “Notify Me” button on the product page to receive an email when that item is restocked and available to purchase.
    If you have any orders containing backordered items you will be contacted via email if there are changes to your order.
    ***This does not apply to Analogue Productions titles or Equipment


    You will be charged shipping and handling for preordered items. If there are multiple preordered items, you will be charged for shipping and handling on the first shipment of the order.

Music Formats

    What is HDCD?

    The HDCD process is used during recording as well as playback. The HDCD Process cancels additive distortions and simultaneously provides additional data (music information). This can be played on a normal CD player or a HDCD CD player. The HDCD CD player will give you a higher level of playback of the CD.

    What is XRCD? XRCD2? XRCD24?

    The Extended Resolution Compact Disc (XRCD) from JVC brings the listener higher fidelity and improved audio quality by enhancing the process of mastering and manufacturing compact discs. All of this is done within the current CD standard, so no special CD player or decoding box is needed to hear the benefit of the XRCD. You don't need a "golden ear" to hear the improvement in an XRCD. The improvement in sound quality of XRCD over a conventional CD is not subtle. Obvious gains in clarity, transparency, dynamics and warmth of XRCD can be heard by all. XRCD allows the listener to hear what the producer and artist intended to hear the sound of the original master tape.

    What is DXD?

    DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) is a recording format developed for high quality and low noise recording and editing of SACDs.

    The Super Audio CD (SACD) was introduced by Sony and Phillips in 2000 as a next-generation music listening format, enabling ultra-high sound quality, as well as having multichannel sound, text and graphics.

    As the wave file is the native format for conventional Red Book CDs, SACD audio is represented by DSD (Direct Stream Digital) files.

    SACDs have embeded copy protection software, making them more secure media, but more complex to record, edit and master. The new editing format, DXD, was designed to avoid compromising quality by recording and editing audio at a 24-bit/352.8kHz sampling rate.

    Before final production and full SACD replication, the audio is converted back into a 1-bit DSD file, with a sampling rate of either 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz. For some engineers this is the closest a digital file sample can sound to an original analog source. The result is true-to-the-source, lifelike sound.

    What is DAD?

    The Classic 24/96 Digital Audio Disc DAD™ is designed to be an audiophile musical reference. The process starts with the encoding of an analog signal from a live microphone feed or more commonly from an analog master tape. The highly sophisticated Analog to Digital converter (A to D) samples the analog signal 96,000 times per second (96kHz) and assigns a numerical value to each sample point. The 96kHz sampling rate is more than twice the 44,100 (44.1kHz) sampling rate used on standard CD's. The numerical value assigned at 96kHz - about every 10.4 microseconds - is stored as a 24-bit digital word. The significance of a 24-bit digital ward is that there are 16.8 million different potential values for each 24-bit word! By contrast there are only 65,536 different potential values for a 16-bit word on a normal CD. The additional 8 bits on a DAD allow for over 16 million additional voltage values to represent the original analog signal. Further, 24 bit resolution offers 144 dB of dynamic range from the softest to the loudest musical note. At 144 dB of dynamic range we greatly exceed even the dynamic range available on the world's finest analog tape machines. For the first time in the history of digital audio we can provide Master Tape Sound MTSTM.

    After the analog signal is encoded, the resulting 24 bit/96kHz digital data stream is stored on a large computer hard disk. The raw data is then transferred to a post production facility for "authoring" - a process that results in the creation of a digital tape called a DLT that is sent to the disc manufacturing plant. At the plant, the DLT is used to make a "glass master" which produces stampers that are used to injection mold the DAD discs. In all, the process is quite a bit more involved than making CD's but we hope that you will appreciate the extra effort when you hear what this technological wonder has to offer.

    What is DVD-A?

    DVD-Audio is the latest member of the DVD family of pre-recorded optical disc formats and is designed to be the next-generation high-quality audio format, offering very high quality, surround sound, longer playing times plus additional features that are not available on CDs.

    DVD-Audio discs can also carry video, like DVD-Video titles, and limited interactivity. Capacity of a single layer DVD-Audio will be at least 74 minutes of high-quality full surround sound audio. In addition the disc can accommodate the same audio encoded as Dolby Digital for playing on existing DVD-Video players.

    DVD-Audio can be regarded as an extension to the DVD-Video specification allowing high quality audio that can be played on audio-only players. It has many of the features of DVD-Video plus the important features of CD audio, including tracks to divide the audio content.

    What is DualDisc?

    A DualDisc is a two-sided disc, with one side CD and other side DVD. The CD side features the complete album. The DVD side features the entire album in enhanced audio (many in surround sound) and also includes features like videos, interviews, mini-documentaries, concert clips, web links, behind-the-scenes footage and more. For more information on DualDisc, visit

    What is SACD?

    Super Audio CD is a  format developed by Sony and Philips. It uses DSD (Direct stream digital) recording technology and a 4.7GB disc to give the consumer an audio experience so real you think you are in the recording studio or front row at a concert.

    SACD Disc variations

    The massive increase in audio signal information possible on SACD has meant that improvements in disc storage capacity were also required. Combining this requirement with the need to ensure compatibility with the already well established CD format led to the development of three, SACD compliant disc variations.

    Three types of Super Audio compact discs were created to insure maximum sound quality while at the same time offering you reverse compatibility with existing CD players. These are: single layer, dual layer and hybrid.

    The single layer disc consists of single High Density (HD) 4.7 GB layer of information. The dual layer disc contains two of these layers, providing extended playback with a maximum capacity of 8.5 GB. The hybrid disc contains both a HD layer and a standard CD layer. The high-density layer provides luxurious SACD quality playback, while the standard density CD layer allows compatibility with any of the 700 million home, car or portable CD players made since 1982. This ensures complete compatibility between Super Audio CD players and existing CD players.

    For all three types of discs, information reading is done from a single side. For the dual and hybrid discs, the outside layer is semi-transparent, allowing the inner layer to be read through the outer layer.

    Therefore, with Super Audio CD, there is never any need to turn the disc over. This also allows labeling and printing on the top side, just like with a conventional CD disc.

    What is the difference between DVD-Audio and SACD?

    DVD-audio was developed based on the video format (DVD video) while the Super Audio CD was developed based on the audio format (CD). DVD-audio is based on PCM frequency and longer word lengths. The Super Audio CD, however, is based on a superior recording technology called Direct Stream Digital (DSD) that more closely reproduces the shape of the original analog waveforms to produce a more natural, higher-quality sound that more accurately captures the nuance and atmosphere of the source material.

    Can I play CDs on SACD players and can my CD player play SACDs?

    All Super Audio CD players can play the existing 13 Billion CD's. Hybrid Super Audio CDs can be played on existing CD players because they have a CD layer and an SACD layer. Some Super Audio CD players will also play DVD Video, Video CD, and CDDA discs.

    Does SACD with multichannel data also have a stereo playback option?

    And is the stereo data of higher quality than the 3+ channel data?

    Yes, every multichannel SACD also includes a two-channel stereo mix.

    Regarding quality, each project is unique to itself, but no, there is no set rule that would dictate the superiority in quality of the Stereo mix over the Multichannel mix. Do be aware that many reissues were originally recorded in two-channel, and therefore the multichannel mix for the reissue can suffer as a bit forced or unnatural sounding.

    Will SACDs play back on my CD player or portable CD player or car CD player?

    Hybrid Super Audio CDs will. The Super Audio CD format offers three disc configurations: single layer disc, dual-layer disc and hybrid disc. The hybrid disc is a two-layer disc, consisting of one CD layer, and one high density Super Audio CD layer. The CD layer has playback compatibility with the over 700 million CD players worldwide. And remember, audio CDs will play back on Super Audio CD players.

    Will CDs play on a SACD player?

    Absolutely. Every Super Audio CD player is fully compatible with every audio compact disc ever produced.

    What is HDAD?

    The Classic Hybrid DVD Audio Disc (HDAD) is a two-sided DVD disc with 24/192 PCM data playable on DVD Audio players on one side, and 24/96 PCM data playable on DVD video players on the other side. The Classic HDAD is a truly universal DVD disc playable on all DVD players. So if you have a DVD video player, you can play the DVD Video side of the HDAD - insert the disc with the blue center ring facing up and enjoy 24/96 playback resolution. On a DVD audio player, simply flip the disc over with the red ring facing up and enjoy 24/192 playback resolution.

    What is HDAD+

    This HDAD+ package contains two discs, one is a two-sided DVD-10 containing 2-channel 24-bit/192 kHz data and 3-channel 24 bit/96 kHz data on one side, playable on DVD Audio players, and on the other side 2-channel 24 bit 96 kHz data and 3-channel Dolby AC-3, playable on DVD video players. The second disc included is a standard 2-channel CD containing 16 bit/44.1 kHz data playable on all CD and DVD players. Transferred directly from the original 35mm 3-track film by Bernie Grundman from Bernie Grundman Mastering and Len Horowitz from History of Recorded Sound at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.


    What is a cookie?

    A cookie is a very tiny piece of text we're asking permission to place on your computer's hard drive. If you agree by configuring your browser to accept cookies, then your browser adds the text in a small file. On most browsers, the default settings enable you to accept cookies, so if you haven't changed your defaults, you most likely don't have to do anything to ensure that your browser accepts cookies.

    What will a cookie do for me?

    Acoustic Sounds uses cookies to keep track of the items in your shopping cart. But we aren't the only website that uses cookies. Almost every website that offers advanced features such as online ordering and customizable content utiltizes cookies. Each website's cookies are unique, which means that the cookies used by one site cannot be used by another site.

    What if I do not accept cookies?

    If you choose not to accept a cookie you will not be able to purchase any products online. However, you may still place an order over the phone at 1-888-926-2564, or email to

    How can I control which cookies

    Your ability to control the cookies you accept depends on the type of browser you are using. You can set your browser to accept all cookies or to alert you every time a cookie is offered. Then you can decide whether to accept one or not.

    Turn on cookies.

    Your cart keeps forgetting stuff? Turn cookies on! To function properly, the Acoustic Sounds shopping cart requires that cookies be enabled on your web browser. Enabling cookies allows the Acoustic Sounds web site to recognize you as you browse through our site; if cookies are disabled, our web site will lose track of you, and items will mysteriously disappear from your cart!


    Shipping Methods & Rates

    Acoustic Sounds is not responsible for shipments that are considered lost or stolen.

    To ensure an accurate delivery, please verify your contact and shipping information is accurate at time of purchase. Also be advised the estimated shipping dates provided at checkout are not guaranteed.

    If your tracking information says the order has been delivered, but it has not arrived, you must contact Acoustic Sounds within 5 business days. We are unable to attempt the claim process outside of this deadline.

    Domestic Shipping Methods & Rates

    • Acoustic Sounds offers the following shipment methods for domestic orders.
      • FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smart Post) – Standard shipping method for qualifying in-stock music order over $99.
      • Expected transit time is four to 12 business days.
      • Do NOT select this shipment method if the delivery location requires an access/gate code for entry.
      • This method does deliver to PO Boxes.
      • Once your shipment is in transit, we are unable to make any changes including but not limited to the following: address changes/corrections, redirections to hold at a FedEx location or be returned to Acoustic Sounds or update the shipment to require a signature.
    • FedEx Home Delivery/Residential – Standard shipping method for qualifying in-stock music orders over $199.
      • Expected transit time is three to seven business days.
      • Orders over $250 will ship as signature required by default.
    • FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2-Day – Priority shipping methods.
      • These methods are expedited by not only FedEx, but also our warehouse.
      • As of March 2020, FedEx no longer guarantees transit time for Overnight or 2-Day shipments. Acoustic Sounds is NOT responsible for any in transit delays and will NOT reimburse shipping costs.
    • UPS Ground, 2nd Day and Next Day Air & USPS Express Mail – Customers may choose a shipping provider other than FedEx, but shipping costs will be charged. Acoustic Sounds is not responsible for any delivery issues or delays.

    How much does it cost to ship to my country?
    International orders require 3-5 days for processing. The shipping cost is based on the actual weight of your order and is calculated at check out. Customs duties and taxes charges are NOT included with the shipping cost. As every country has different regulations, either FedEx or your Postal Carrier will request payment for any charges relating to customs duties or taxes.

    Please note: Acoustic Sounds will not understate or lower the declared value of any international order. Doing so is unlawful.

    What is the best method to ship to my country?

    Acoustic Sounds offers the following shipment methods for International orders.

    • FedEx International Economy – Standard shipping method.
      • Expected transit time is three to six business days.
    • FedEx International Priority – Priority shipping method.
      • Expected transit time is one to three business days.
    • FedEx International Ground/Canada – Standard shipping method.
      • Expected transit time is two to seven business days.
      • This service provides a lower shipping cost and is eligible for clearance entry fee discounts, however, a brokerage fee may be charged which the customer is responsible for.
    • UPS Saver and Expedited – These methods are only available in select areas. Acoustic Sounds is not responsible for any delivery issues or delays.

    Can I ship or charge customs duties and taxes to my shipping account?
    Yes, there is a place for special shipping instructions at check out. Please comment with your request and the FedEx/UPS account number you wish to charge.

    What happens of I refuse a delivery shipment?
    Refusing a shipment can be very expensive. We assume you understand your individual country’s import rules. If you refuse a shipment, you will be responsible for the shipping costs to your country, any storage fees your order incurred, any taxes your country charged on it and the cost to ship it back to us. We will charge you for these expenses after your item is returned to us. These charges cannot be declined or ignored, and they are usually twice what you would have paid if not more.

    What does Ship in Full mean?

    We can hold your order until all items are available - this is SHIP IN FULL, this method will delay your entire order until ALL of your items are received in our warehouse. When using this method we DO NOT charge your credit card until we ship your order. Please pay attention to RELEASE DATES.

    The other option is selecting “NO” to Back Orders; this also includes any PRE-orders. When you select this option any item that is not immediately available to be shipped is DELETED from your order. It will not be sent on this order or on any future order unless you order it again. The item is completely removed.

Privacy & Security

    Our Online Secure Ordering System

    We make every effort to ensure that your purchasing experience at Acoustic Sounds, Inc. is secure. We use state-of-the-art data encryption technology to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of your user information. Secure Socket Layers (SSLs) encrypt the information sent between your computer and our database. and are certified by GoDaddy, an authority in online security services.

    To be sure you're browsing secure pages, check your Web browser's status bar (located at the bottom of the window) for the closed padlock icon. This icon appears in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer to tell you that you are viewing a secure web page. Also, all browsers display an "s" after the "http" (https://..) in the Web site address to indicate that you're in a secure environment.


    Return Policy

    Acoustic Sounds, Inc. offers, as part of our industry-leading service, the finest, most durable packaging of any music mail-order business. In short, we know how to package and ship music and equipment so that it will arrive damage-free. But of course there are times when manufacturing defects exist that are not visible or audible until the packaging is opened. In the event that you are not satisfied with the physical or audible condition of your Acoustic Sounds purchase, please take note of our return policies:

    Within 30 days of purchase, we will accept returns of any physically or audibly defective or damaged item. We do not guarantee that you will like the music or recording quality of a LP or CD, and personal taste does not qualify as a reason for return. In lieu of a refund, Acoustic Sounds will replace the damaged/defective items at our expense — a pre paid return shipping label will be provided — and in turn pay the shipping costs of a replacement item to the customer (Continental U.S. customers only). Acoustic Sounds will not cover the cost of return shipping using other methods. Please package vinyl LPs to be returned in their original packaging. The customer assumes all responsibility for any packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in return transit.

    In the case of international orders, Acoustic Sounds will only ship a replacement item as part of a $50-minimum subsequent order. If a refund is preferred items in their entirety must be returned in full at the customer’s expense of return.

    In order to return an item, the customer must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) from Acoustic Sounds by either calling 785-825-8609 or by filling out a support request ticket. An RMA# must be requested by the customer by no later than 30 days from the time that they purchased the item in question. If after 30 days from purchase no RMA# has been requested, the sale of that item becomes final.

    Once an RMA# has been issued, the customer is to write that number on the outside of the box being returned to Acoustic Sounds. In the case of a piece of equipment or hardware, DO NOT write on the product box or container. You can write the RMA# on a piece of paper and tape that to the product box.

    Each return must include a written description of exactly what is defective and why the item is being returned. Please be specific. For example, if an LP is being returned due to inordinate surface noise, describe exactly where in the record (side, track, minute, second) the defect occurs.

    All returns must be received by Acoustic Sounds no later than 15 days from the time the RMA# was issued. If after 15 days the product is not returned to Acoustic Sounds, that RMA# becomes invalid.

    Please note: From the time Acoustic Sounds physically receives your returned item(s), it may take up to two weeks to issue your replacement. We appreciate your patience. Please refrain from checking on the status of your return prior to the two week allowance period.

    Headphones, Phono Cartridges, Speakers and those items labeled All Sales Final are not eligible for return.

    There will be a 20% restocking fee for the return of any non-defective merchandise.


    Preowned Policy

    Because of our constantly changing inventory, we can not guarantee the availability and prices of these selections. Please use this for inquiry purposes. We will e-mail a reply as to the condition, price and availability.

    Most of these records have been visually graded only, but some have been play graded. Since we can only price them after they have been either visually inspected or play graded some do not list the price. Let us know which ones you are interested in, we will then clean, play grade, and verify condition and or stamper numbers and quote you the final price. It would be next to impossible for us to pre-clean, play grade, and verify stamper numbers on all listed LP's and list an accurate condition code with price.


    Due to the labor intensive process involved with filing orders for Used LPs, we encourage fax and e-mail inquiries for these orders. If you are placing orders by phone our operators cannot confirm availability or condition of any of these LPs. Please list and clearly indicate any alternate choices by order of preference. While we will make every effort to process these orders in the same quick manner as our regular orders, they may not go out "same-day" as normal new LP/CD orders.


    If you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchase we will make a full refund of the purchase price of any returned used item only with an Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA number). In addition you must include a detailed written description of any defects, e.g., the side and band where problems occur, or any discrepancy concerning Condition Code. When negotiating a return, please ask the operator for your Return Merchandise Authorization Number. We will only accept returns with an RMA number AND description of problem.

    Condition Code / Grading Scale

    M = Mint:
    Record looks and sounds new. No scratches, surface noise, ticks or pops. If there would be any surface noise, it would be very soft. If there would be a tick or pop, it would only be one or two soft ones.

    M- = Mint Minus:
    Record looks and sounds very acceptable. This is a record that can be enjoyed. It may have some slight visible marks and may have surface noise and a few ticks and pops, but this will still be minimal.

    VG = Very Good:
    Record looks and sounds used. This record has lots of surface noise and has visible scratches. For listening or collecting it is only good as "filler".

    + = Plus: (such as VG++)
    Indicates the degree of closeness to the next higher grade.

    - = Minus :
    Indicates the degree of closeness to the next lower grade.