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The Series 2 Rollerblock body is made from solid, rectangular blocks of extremely hard alloy aircraft aluminum, and are finished with a black "hard-coat" anodizing. This relatively thin, special layer, harder than the aircraft aluminum itself (which is harder than some types of steel), improves contact efficiency and provides "constrained layer" resonance damping to the body. The bottom of the Series 2 Rollerblock has four beveled edges, and a matrix consisting of a pattern of holes. This unique design improves mechanical coupling between the body of the block and the supporting surface, like a cone, but with much greater stability. The matrix is filled with an acoustically absorbent material. On the top surface is a precision, spherical depression which is polished to a mirror finish, specified at 6 microns or better. This is an especially good finish, difficult to manufacture with precision. It is absolutely necessary, however, for state of the art results in a bearing isolation device.

One precision ball sits in the cup depression, and rests at the bottom. At least three Rollerblocks are placed beneath a component so that the component's chassis contacts the tops of the three balls, which now function as bearings. The component rests directly or indirectly upon the ball bearings, which rest at the bottom of the polished cup.

"...Because the Rollerblocks do such a good job of cleaning up leading edge dynamics and removing edge and overshoot that these artifacts that made the system sound edgy and exciting (as well as loud) are banished...The end result is that the system can be played louder and with less's so much easier to hear into the music. Adding the Rollerblocks to the equation seems to extend the bass rather than simply adding weight, bringing greater texture and clarity to lower register instruments." - Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 45

Rollerblock Series 2+ Specifications
Dimensions: 2" x 1" x 0.75" (5x2.5x1.9 cm)
Material: 7075 aircraft alloy aluminum
Finish: Black "hard coat" anodized with laser-etched legends
Bearings: Tungsten Carbide Grade 25 standard; Grade 3 Superball optional
Matrix material: Acoustic foam
Suggested Weight Limit: Set of 3: 300 lbs.
Set of 4: 400 lbs.
Each Rollerblock Set is individually numbered
Rollerblocks are protected by U.S. Patent #5,804,776

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posted on 05/21/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Terry Franklin
I consider these standard equipment. I have six sets on all of my main components.

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