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Vibrapod - Isolator Model 2

Vibrapod - Isolator Model 2




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Note: Supports 4-8 lbs


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Vibrapods are the most cost-effective component isolation system that we have found. Their extremely simple and effective design traps air underneath their rubber body. This is used to isolate your components from outside vibration similar to high-end air platform devices. There are five different models available, which correspond to the weight of the equipment with which they will be used.

Supports 4-8 lbs.

Customer Reviews (4.29 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.

Nice addition to my system

posted on 01/26/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: KC
I built the "vibrapod sandwich" with 3/4" MDF and the pods to support my amp, disc player and turntable. I've taken the components off the platforms and listened to them again after using the pods. I hear a definite smoothing of low level dynamics...almost like bass notes can extend more fully. It's a subtle difference, but definitely there. One lower volumes there isn't much effect. If you don't play it loud you may not appreciate these jewels. And, surprisingly, these things seem to make a bigger difference to my ears when I play really intense jazz with a lot of bass and piano. I'm a big Mingus fan so these really clean things up nicely for him.

Poor isolation - Isolpads are much better

posted on 09/17/2009
1 Stars
I tried these under my CD player and the results were very poor. Isolpads work much better in my system.

Good investment.

posted on 09/20/2007
4 Stars
Reviewer: Fred C.
A good low cost tweak for any system of seperate components. Particularly good under turntables and other devices subject to vibration.

Great for my budget turntable

posted on 09/19/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andrew
I was about to buy a mid-range turntable after having vibration problems with my entry-grade Sony model. After adding the Vibrapods the sound and performance improvement was tremendous! With an audiophile pressing LP the sound is amazing.

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