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Simple but effective, the Svelte Shelf sets new standards for an entry level acoustic shelf! At only 5/8” thick, it fits in places other isolation devices can’t go. Simply place it on top of existing rack shelves and surfaces for improved sonics with CD & DVD players, turntables, amps and preamps; it also works on TOP of components. Precision laser-cut, stainless steel sandwich technology improves bass control, dynamics, timbral purity, midrange and treble transients. Optional Precision Couplers ensure good coupling to component chassis, but the Svelte can be used with all hard footer devices.

"…The speakers, atop the platforms sound immediately and obviously better. Separation of instruments and coherence of the soundstage both improve, as does dimensionality and focus. Now you can hear space between instruments more readily, locate them more precisely in space and identify their particular tonality more easily, all results of the improved bottom-end linearity and foundation. Bass goes deeper, with more weight and power, greater transparency and more defined edges to notes. Dynamics, especially dynamic distinctions, are much more clearly and precisely delineated, while overall dynamic range is also improved." – Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 45

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