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Single Layer Stereo SACD

Single Layer Stereo SACD

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The combination of bassist Gary Karr's intense passion for Bach's music, which is played on his 1611 Amati doublebass, and the sound of the organ, which was Bach's favorite instrument, makes this a very powerful musical statement. Japanese pressing.

1. Amaki death by Come BWV 478
2. Prelude and Galant tree I. Prelude
3. Prelude and Galant tree II. Sarabande
4. Prelude and Galant tree III. Gavotte
5. Lord, Joy of Man’s Desiring BWV 147
6. G Line of Aria
7. Awake, and called voice heard BWV 645
8. Sheep in Peace Eating Seen BWV the grass 208
9. Minute
10. God I, mercy tamae BWV 721
11. Gavotte – Partita No. 3 BWV 1006 than
12. My Song of Gloria, rises to thee-cantata “Awake, the call hear a voice” BWV 140 from
13. Adagio – Toccata in C major, BWV 564 from

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