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Gingko - Platform Cloud 11 for VPI Traveler




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GINGKO AUDIO Cloud™ Vibration Control Platform - Patent Pending

The patent-pending Cloud is a simple yet effective vibration control platform. Its
elegant design belies its functional effectiveness. It works well because of the
correct choice of material coupled with a flexible design that allows the user to
experiment with a wide variety of applications. In the end you the audiophile make
the ultimate judgment of how to best meet your needs, functionally and

How vibration negatively affects good sound is a well-known and accepted
phenomenon on which we need not elaborate. There are many available products
aiming at reducing vibration affecting audio equipment. Most of them seek to isolate
the equipment from unwanted vibration in the environment, transferred through the
surface on which the equipment sits, be it the wooden floor or the metal rack. At the
same time, vibration caused by the equipment itself such as the CD transport
mechanism or the turntable platter needs to be dissipated so it does not affect other
equipment on the rack.

We find that acrylic does an excellent job in dissipating any vibrating energy it
receives because of its complex, dense, and irregular molecular structure. It is not
an accident that many audio products use acrylic in their designs, whether an acrylic
turntable platter or an acrylic chassis for CD players or transports. In addition to the
acrylic platform, the Cloud ™ also uses rubber balls to further isolate vibration from
the environment from the equipment. The rubber balls serve two critical functions.
They provide four degrees of freedom in the movement of the top platform relative
to the bottom base. The top platform sitting on top of the rubber balls can freely
move up and down, front to back, and side to side, and rotationally while minimizing
undulating, repeating motion that continues after the original vibration. They work
as very effective shock absorbers.

The rubber balls are also used to balance the
uneven load of some equipment such as amplifiers or turntables. By placing the
rubber balls in the different positions in the base, the user can level the equipment
and even the load. The standard balls that come with our platform are found to
provide the most neutral sound. You may experiment with different kinds of balls to
find ones to match your system and to suit your taste in music.

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