Gingko - Mini-Clouds

 (Clear Finish Base (One Piece))

Black Finish shown in pics.

Gingko Audio's Mini-Clouds provide excellent vibration control at a very reasonable price point. The Mini-Clouds remove 95 percent of the vibration between 5 Hz and 500 Hz. This is compared to 98 percent for the Cloud 10 platform and 99 percent for the Cloud 11. Mini-Clouds can be placed anywhere under the bottom of the component to balance the load. In this sense, it even offers more flexibility than the Cloud 10 (with 15 positions for the dimples) and the Cloud 11 (with 10 positions for the dimples). As it does not require the top platform, its profile is lower than that of the Cloud 10 or Cloud 11. This is especially beneficial when space is limited on the shelf. As with the Cloud 10 or Cloud 11, the ball has an optimal load of 10 lbs. and has a capacity of 20 lbs. So, a set of Mini-Clouds is perfect for components weighing 30-40 lbs. For heavier components, simply add more Mini-Clouds.

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