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AcousTech - Vibration Dampening Material

 (4" x 6" - Adhesive Back)




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This is the single most effective damping material we've found for improving the sound of any high fidelity audio component.

Based on Hysteric Damping, this unique material removes noise through the damping of mechanical and acoustical energy. By damping, or "sinking" vibration, you'll hear a dramatic improvement in component resolution.

This material, which is used extensively by one of the world's premiere turntable manufacturers, features an adhesive backing from 3M for easy placement inside any component or on any component shelf.


Each 4"x6" sheet is 3.3 mm thick and weighs 81 grams.

May be cut with tin snips.

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posted on 03/29/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dane
Covered underside of Goldring 1.2 GR. Noise floor dropped with great effect. This stuff WORKS !!!

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