Various Artists - Jazz At The Pawnshop Vol. 2

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Fabio Camorani has already reissued several albums from the Swedish label Proprius as UHQCD and on vinyl, achieving mutual satisfaction. The high quality of the reissues led Proprius to now also grant him access to the original tapes of Jazz at the Pawnshop.

When the AudioNautes boss heard the tapes for the first time through the tape machine, he was certain that the full musicality of the recording had never been reproduced on any other release. The recording from December 6-7, 1976, captured on tape by Gert Palmcrantz at the Jazzpuben Stampen in Stockholm, features Arne Domnérus (saxophone, clarinet), Bengt Hallberg (piano), Georg Riedel (bass), Lars Erstrand (vibraphone) and Egil Johansen (drums). Camorani concluded that each version, compared to the original, showed more or less clearly how the sound engineers gave priority to what they considered to be the most important parameters. What was lost in the process was the overall balance. And it was this balance that Camorani placed at the centre of his work. The result is a harmonious, balanced version with a wide dynamic range, without compression and with high accessibility.

This edition of the UHQCD is limited to 1,111 copies. The double CD is published in hardcover, in a sturdy jewellery box with enclosed certificate. The extensive booklet contains English texts by Fabio Camorani, Gert Palmcrantz, Stefan Nävermyr and Jürgen Schildt.


Over The Rainbow
Gubben Och Kallingen
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High Life (Take2)
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Exactly Like You
Things Aint What They Used To Be
It Don't Mean A Thing

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