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A four-outlet, audiophile-quality Power Delivery device with a 20-amp IEC cord for use with today's high-powered amplifiers and digital devices. Upgraded outlets are wired in parallel like the 1200C. Designed to be placed next to the components needling line enhancement. Features four Hubbell AC outlets, 12-gauge internal wiring, a surge protection system, a six-foot 12-gauge power cord and an internal 15-amp IEC Connector and 15-amp slo-blow fuse.

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Yes, it does what it should.

posted on 06/17/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: Drastic
Having wasted considerable money on any number of devices that change the sound of my system, not necessarily in a positive way, it is a pleasure to finally find one that does what it's supposed to do. Think of it as a shock absorber for your power line; it buffers unpleasant stuff coming in, but what is more important, it gives the device drawing current from it an extra kick of power. The "kick" is of short duration, but that is all that a power amplifier needs when it hits a tough musical passage and it asks for more juice from the wall. The sonic effect is very similar to what you observe when you replace a power amp with one of higher power rating. No negative side effects that I can hear. BTW, since the 400 Pro is functionally identical to the 600S, save yourself $500 and get the 400 Pro.

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