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 (12 Outlet Power Line Conditioner - Silver)

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W RG 1200S
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12 Outlet Power Line Conditioner - Black

The Absolute Sound - 2006 Editors' Choice Awards The Absolute Sound 2007 Editors' Choice Award The Absolute Sound - 2008 Editors' Choice Awards

RGPC 1200S is housed in a knock-you-dead gorgeous rack/shelf-mountable component, black anodized front panel and a rear-illuminated RGPC retro-looking logo. It is the power of two RGPC 400MK IIs, wired internally with 12-gauge wiring and 12 Hubbell AC Outlets. It includes a surge protection system, a six-foot 12-gauge heavy duty power cord, 20 amp IEC connector with twin 20 amp fast-blow fuses.

ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR 2004 - The Absolute Sound
" invisibly, lowering noise and raising detail without markedly inhibiting dynamics or adding a noticeable sonic signature. For those of you, like JV, living in older houses, these Richard Gray products are like adding six-to-twelve dedicated, lab-grade outlets to the ones you've got, without tearing up any walls or calling the electrician...Though not cheap, these power-conditioners are the real deal." - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, February/March 2005

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Passed the wife test

posted on 01/26/2005
5 Stars
My wife is the best test for new audio gear. The minute I installed this she said "Wow". It's surprising even on my Musical Fidelity 3.2 Pre/Amp with huge power chokes that such a dramatic difference can be heard. Black is now black (in listening, I have no idea about video) the highs crisp and it sounds like a bit tighter bass.

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