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"The hype is legit," read the full review at, here.

The Sbooster Ultra can be used as an addition to the many filtering and optimization techniques of the BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade PSU. The Sbooster Ultra has to be connected directly to the Sbooster split-current module of the BOTW P&P ECO.
The Sbooster Ultra is based on active filter technique, which reduces the ripple & noise of the BOTW P&P ECO even further: to a negligible low level. A must have for every audiophile!

The Sbooster Ultra is designed for audio equipment that is sensitive to residual noise, such as digital to analog converters, music streamers, USB to SPDIF converters, headphone-, pre- and phono amplifiers. For Auralic Aries Femto upgrade, we opted for a 15V version of the SBooster Ultra. With the 15V upgrade you will get the best sound quality out of your Aries Femto.

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