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The important safety and performance benefits of advanced power filtration are now available to anyone who has invested in a soundbar, subwoofer, receiver, HDTV, or complete high-performance audio/video  system. AudioQuest’s new PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3 make high-performance more attainable than ever before. Designed by AC power expert Garth Powell, the same mind behind AudioQuest’s multi-award-winning Niagara  Series of power products, the new  PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3 are based on the same competence, insights, and design ingredients that make all Garth’s products so effective. Compared to similarly priced devices, PowerQuest Filters remove far more noise and distortion, dramatically improving the performance of connected  devices.

 Unlike traditional surge protectors, PowerQuest’s non-sacrificial surge protection prevents both high voltage and current from  causing  damage,  and  ensures  that  the  PowerQuest unit will not  fail over time — giving us the confidence to provide a  $1,000,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. Both units have slim profiles designed to fit tight spaces and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally in cabinets or racks, or even hung on walls. Further,  both units feature a directionally optimized concentric-geometry power cord.  Sending truly clean power  to audio/video systems has never been as simple, convenient, or affordable.


  • 8 AC Outlets: 2x 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter; 2x High-Current; 4x Ultra-Linear Filter
  • 4  High-Speed  USB  Charging  Ports
  • Signal  Line  Protection:  Phone,  Network,  Cable/Satellite
  • 14.9" W x 7.4" H x 2.6" D (378mm W x 188mm H x 65.5mm D)


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