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The IsoNode isolation feet provide the most cost-effective upgrade in the industry. The unique IsoNode polymer rejects a wide range of vibration trying to enter from underneath the component. The highly compliant IsoNode acts as both a liquid and a solid for superior vibration control. Adhesive backing is included.

The large size are 1.25" x 3/4" tall and hold 42 pounds per set of four.

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posted on 12/02/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
As a die-hard audiophile, I routinely shell out $20-$40 every time I get the urge to coax another ounce of performance from my system. Sometimes I hear an improvement, and sometimes not. So when I attached the Isonodes directly to the bottom of the stock feet on my ModWright/Sony Platinum 9100ES DVD/SACD player ($4300), I was unprepared for the VERY AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE they made! There was enhanced clarity, transparency, tighter bass, and greater presence in the vocals. Everything seemed to be floating on a sea of black silence. Considering that my system cost $20,000, I would unhesitatingly call the Isonodes THE SINGLE MOST COST EFFECTIVE ACCESSSORY I HAVE COME ACROSS IN ALL MY YEARS AS AN AUDIOPHILE! You can't go wrong with these. Highly recommended!!!

Suprisingly effective....

posted on 08/05/2005
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeremy
I was kind of skeptical on wether or not this product would work. I put these under my AMW S99 DVD player, that I use mainly for playing cds. I wasnt expecting any drastic change in the sound quality or anything. I was just looking for a way to stop the player from skipping when i was playing songs with heavy bass content at loud volumes. I have my dvd player sitting on my reciever, which is on a shelf. Right under this shelf is a 5 1/4inch long throw woofer. Needless to say that a lot of vibration is transmitted through this shelf, and causes the player to skip badly at times. Upon installing these Isonodes, not only did the player stop skipping, but the sound quality was cleaned up quite a bit. I was thoroughly impressed at the detail that was realized by just utilizing these simple devices. I would recommend these to anyone that is interested in stopping component vibration and increased sound quality.

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