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Ultra Padz are stand-alone, vibration-absorbing devices which provide effective, "problem-free" resonance control and vibration damping with active and passive components. Compared to conventional cone- and point-type footer devices, Ultra Padz are more tonally neutral and do not "spotlight" one band of frequencies or another. They are also more effective at reducing distortion, since they have the ability to dissipate energy as well as reduce the amount of new energy that can be introduced into the component from its support surface. They are convenient and safer to use than cones, since they are more stable and cannot topple over.


The Ultra Pad is a mini Symposium platform- only 2" by 3" (5 x 7.6 cm), and 1 5/8" thick (4.1 cm) with tops and bottoms that are layers of high quality, precision laser-cut, polished stainless steel. Their interior section consists of 3 constrained layers, including a 1.5" (3.8 cm) thick foam center section banded with textured vinyl edgebanding. The foam section is identical to that used in the Ultra Platform. An Ultra Pad can be considered an "expanded" Fat Pad, since it is identical save for its thicker foam center.

Ultra Padz are convenient in situations where a full platform isn't practical or possible. Their 1 5/8" (4.1 cm) height is enough to usually bypass even the most ostentatious built-in equipment feet, if desired, and can be used to directly contact the metal chassis of components or be used directly beneath the points of cones and ball devices for enhanced results with these types of footers. By coupling directly to the chassis, Ultra Padz damp excess mechanical energy from the component's structure, dissipating it as heat, and also provide effective isolation by simultaneously absorbing and dissipating energy which emanates from the support structure. By providing a non-resonant, non-compliant mechanical ground connection which simultaneously dissipates energy as heat (an important distinction to make over ordinary footer devices) from two directions at once, Ultra Padz provide effective, non-resonant isolation from midbass frequencies through the limits of hearing. Under cones and point devices, they will enhance and improve the performance of these footer devices by providing a superior mechanical ground interface.

Ultra Padz also provide isolation from vibration originating in the support surface, such as a floor or rack shelf. They are also very effective with loudspeakers, and can improve overall loudspeaker distortion levels by reducing intermodulation distortion caused by the reflection of mechanical energy to the drivers from the speaker cabinet.
Ideal with Stacked Components
Ultra Padz are ideal for stacked components; when convenience or room do not allow other deployments, Ultra Padz are perfect as isolation and damping solutions for components which would otherwise simply sit on top of one another with their built-in feet. By placing Ultra Padz in between the components, one will simultaneously damp both components AND isolate each one from another, improving results.

What You Can Expect to Hear!
The proper deployment of Ultra Padz, whether under existing cones and feet or by themselves, provide better damped, expanded dynamics; a darker, quieter background with reduced noise; less "aggressive" or "edgy" upper midrange and treble region reproduction (caused by a reduction in noise products), and superior bass, with greater harmonic richness, greater separation between instruments, and an expanded virtual soundstage with more accurate timbral and transient resolution.

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