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Used for calibrating accurate speed on turntables.

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Budget TT Speed Testing

posted on 06/29/2007
5 Stars
This unit plus a neon bulb electrical tester to use as the strobe is the cheapest way to check / calibrate your turntable speed. The KAB speedstrobe unit is much more useful for rank novices at a much more (five times) the price. Remember to dim the lights if you are using the cheap neon tester otherwise you will not be able to see the strobe effect.

Tough to see

posted on 02/06/2006
1 Stars
Reviewer: Vinyl Rules!
Not pleased with this product. Very hard to see the lines, and ridiculously overpriced. Disappointed that a fine company such as VPI chooses to charge so much for a laminated piece of paper, that isn't even all that well develpoed as a product.

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