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In the 1950s, the "TV Guy" brought your new set home and tuned it for you. Then came the 1970s where we drifted into "plug and play" with the viewer doing all of the tuning. By the 1990s, component video was making its way into the home, and there were releases to help you get it right. Now…it's time for the next generation, as home entertainment setup has evolved into Digital Video Essentials. The DVE calibration disc looks at system setup from the point of view of creating a canvas for works of electronic art. From acoustic and visual environment of a high quality system to audio and video setup, Digital Video Essentials is the "TV Guy" of the 21st Century.

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Waste Of Time

posted on 05/03/2007
1 Stars
This Instructional Dvd Spends More Time Blabbing About Technical Specs Than It Does Actually Calibrating.After I Was Done , Which Took Hours I Put Most Of The Settings Back To Where They Were Before . Unless You Are Color Blind Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

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