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Created by and for Rega Engineers, Measures Tracking Force in Exact Same Place Every Time: Atlas Stylus Force Gauge Provides Reliability, Durability, Accuracy, and Ease of Use

No ordinary tracking force gauge, Atlas was expressly created by Rega engineers for their own use at the company. Tired of using outsourced stylus gauges for its production of tonearms and witnessing the devices fail or deliver inconsistent measurements – or both – Rega devised Atlas with a focus on ease of use, reliability, durability, and accuracy. Housed in aluminum casework, Atlas features a highly stable, full-bridge-constructed loadcell and precision-based amplification circuitry that minimizes any need for user input. Atlas is also designed to compensate for an array of operating temperatures and resist shocks. Even better, Atlas' layout guarantees the tracking force gets measured in the same place with every use – giving you ultra-fine adjustment all the way down to decimal places. Ensure you have the exact tracking force your cartridge needs and utilize what the analog experts at Rega employ on its own products with Atlas. Our Money-Back Guarantee puts this Hi-Fi Choice Recommended accessory over the top.

"This is a useful and accurate force gauge and the ideal accessory for any vinyl fan that enjoys tweaking with their setup."
– Hi-Fi Choice, July 2017, Recommended review

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