Jacintha - Lush Life

The accolades Singapore-born vocalist Jacintha has garnered are too numerous to list. Suffice it to say those looking for exquisite female jazz vocal performances that pay homage to the "old school" but with contemporary sensibilities will find Jacintha much to their liking. Her first two releases, Autumn Leaves and Here's To Ben, have become certified audiophile jazz classics. On Lush Life the arrangements are expanded to include a glowing string section. This recording quality, as has come to be expected from her previous albums, is nothing short of exceptional.

1. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Black Coffee
3. Summertime
4. Lush Life
5. Manha De Carneval
6. The Shadow of Your Smile
7. When We Were Young
8. September Song
9. Harlem Nocturne
10. Smile

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