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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD
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Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio from the original source recordings!

Part of Analogue Productions’ reissue of the Norah Jones’ solo catalog, featuring the individual albums Come Away With MeFeels Like HomeNot Too LateThe Fall and Little Broken Hearts. Each album is featured in exclusive LP and SACD box sets that include Norah’s Covers album!

This product is a Hybrid SACD designed to play in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players.

The winner of eight 2003 Grammys, Come Away With Me was Norah Jones’ breakthrough triumph. Hits like the signature cut of this record "Don’t Know Why," have never sounded clearer and more sensual. Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re sitting in the recording studio, watching the magic happen. Jones’ debut on Blue Note was immaculately produced by the great Arif Mardin. Jones, the the daughter of Ravi Shankar, is not quite a jazz singer, but she is joined by some highly regarded jazz talent: guitarists Adam Levy, Adam Rogers, Tony Scherr, Bill Frisell, and Kevin Breit; drummers Brian Blade, Dan Rieser, and Kenny Wolleson; organist Sam Yahel; accordionist Rob Burger; and violinist Jenny Scheinman. Her regular guitarist and bassist, Jesse Harris and Lee Alexander, respectively, play on every track and also serve as the chief songwriters. Both have a gift for melody, simple yet elegant progressions, and evocative lyrics.

2003 Grammy Winner
~ Record of the Year, Don't Know Why
~ Album of the Year, Come Away With Me
~ Song of the Year, Don't Know Why
~ Best New Artist, Norah Jones
~ Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Don't Know Why
~ Best Pop Vocal Album, Come Away With Me
~ Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, S. Husky Höskulds & Jay Newland, engineers
~ Producer of the Year, Non-Classical, Arif Mardin, producer

1. Don't Know Why
2. Seven Years
3. Cold Cold Heart
4. Feelin' The Same Way
5. Come Away With Me
6. Shoot The Moon
7. Turn Me On
8. Lonestar
9. I've Got To See You Again
10. Painter Song
11. One Flight Down
12. Nightingale
13. The Long Day Is Over
14. The Nearness Of You

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

What took me so long in getting this.

posted on 02/20/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Cliff
This is such a beautifully done release. The surround use in nice and subtle, and not overbearing. Everything from Norah’s vocals to the piano, to the plucking of the upright bass sounds amazing. It’s like I’m sitting in a dimly lit jazz club, soaking all the wonderful music in. Just an awesome sounding album. Not sure why I waited so long in getting this. The packing of this was well done by Acoustic Sounds. If you don’t have this yet, I highly recommend picking it up.

Finally! An audiophile version of a classic

posted on 05/18/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Keephowlin
The first reviewer is dead wrong. On a good system, every prior version of this magnificent CD sounded etched and flat. I have bought 3 other versions of this: the original redbook, an SACD, and the HD Tracks hires. They all were wonderful music that just had a harsh edge and a lack of dimensional soundstage. Next to a great hires Patricia Barber, Holly Cole, Inger Marie, Tierney Sutton, etc., it just didn't belong. Don't get me wrong: I love the music; the recording quality--specifically the mastering, was just amateurish in comparison. That may or may not be discernible on the average playback system, but on a high-end system, it is really obvious. I bought this AP version years back when it came out, convinced that Analogue Productions usually gets the best out of a worthy recording. Thankfully, they knocked it out of the park on this. Finally this great music is presented in an audiophile-worthy manner, that lands comfortably next to other great recordings. Finally!!!

This is the SACD version to get!

posted on 03/18/2023
5 Stars
I must strongly disagree with the previous review. Yes, the music is wonderful. We all know that. But the mastering and sound quality of this newer AP edition is audibly different and way better than the previous Blue Note SACD. I spent a full hour this evening doing an A/B comparison of both discs on the exact same settings. The most noticeable advantages of the AP edition are greatly improved action in the rear speakers, and noticeably better bass in every tune. (Better meaning more full sounding, not louder.) It's a FAR better listening experience. So much so that I plan on selling my Blue Note disc shortly. After hearing the AP version, there's no need to keep the other one.

Great Music

posted on 05/10/2013
5 Stars
Five stars for the music. However, if you are looking for this to sound better than the original SACD, forget it. Don't get me wrong this is great sound, but so was the original. To my ears they sound identical. No difference at all, right down to the surround mix. If I had to guess I'd say they used the same source as the original did. This is not anything like an original album made from the work tape vs. an album that is remastered from the main masters. These often are noticeably better, even to a novice and worth the price for the remix. If you have the original SACD keep it and be happy. If you don't have it you can still find copies at about half the price, but I don't know how long it will continue to be in print, so eventually this may be your only choice.

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