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Original Maestro still available while supplies last!
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Clearaudio offers some of the most "open-sounding" moving magnet cartridges currently available.

The new Clearaudio v2 Ebony cartridges are the culmination of Clearaudio's continuous research and refinement of moving magnet phono cartridge design. Building upon the foundation of their popular and critically acclaimed Aurum series, the Clearaudio v2 Ebony cartridges feature an all-new resonance optimized Ebony wood housing and a more powerful internal magnetic structure. In comparison to the Aurum series,  the v2 Ebony cartridges have greater dynamic range and a more balanced response with greater high and low frequency extension. Their overall presentation bears resemblance to the finest moving coil cartridges while simultaneously building upon the strengths that make moving magnet cartridges the choice of many music lovers and audiophiles.


Technical Specifications

  • Output Voltage 5cm/sec:     4.2 mV
  • Stylus Shape:     Micro HD
  • Cantilever Type:     Boron
  • Loading & Capacitance:     47k Ohms 100 pF
  • Weight:     8.5 g
  • Frequency Range:     15
  • Recommended Tracking Force:     2.0-2.5 g


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