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Analogue Productions Originals 2010 Direct-to-Disc Sessions

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas

The first and most enduring influence on the development of upstate New York native John Mooney’s music resulted from his meeting the legendary Son House in Rochester, New York. Impressed by the 16-year-old musician’s talent, House eventually took Mooney under his wing. Mooney pays tribute to his legendary mentor with two House covers for this gritty, drenched-with-emotion recording.

Mooney’s style incorporates both savage energy and sensitivity, all in the bag of traditional blues. He’s a dynamic guitarist with a special talent for slide playing, and he’s a commanding vocalist. His discography, dating back to 1979’s Comin’ Your Way for Blind Pig, includes more than 12 titles on eight difference labels. But hearing him on direct-to-disc LP, recorded totally stripped down and natural, live in a church sanctuary, is truly the closest thing to hearing him in person. In fact, with the right hi-fi, it’s utterly spooky how in-person this recording sounds. 


1. Lovin' Mood (John Mooney)
2. Death Letter (Son House)
3. Dirty Rat (John Mooney)
4. It Don't Mean A Doggone Thing (John Mooney)
5. Eliza (John Mooney & John Magnie)
6. Pony Blues (Son House)

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...not enough stars...

posted on 12/03/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob Muir
....I used to follow John back in the 70's around Rochester in all the right dives....for the price of a beer you could see him free at the Cottage Hotel in Mendon, N.Y., 10 min. south of Rochester. This is an amazing recording. I still have an effort of his on Blind Pig Records, "Coming Your Way"...this recording process makes everything else sound like an 8 track in a Ford it and don't look back.

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