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D2D Vinyl Record

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Analogue Productions Originals 2012 Direct-to-Disc Sessions

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings, Salina, Kansas

Cutting engineer — Kevin Gray

Ironing Board Sam — it's been a while since he was called Sammie Moore — works the keys while an ironing board holds up his electric piano. Don't get him started telling you about the things he's invented or done to draw a crowd.

Born in 1939 in Rockfield, South Carolina, Sam learned to play the organ as a youngster. He concentrated on boogie-woogie and gospel music before turning to blues while playing in Miami, Florida.

His music has appeared on several labels including Holiday Inn, Atlantic, Styletone and his own Board label. By the late 1980s he was playing Bourbon Street clubs and remains based in New Orleans today.

Also captured on this Direct-to-Disc, two other great performers: Milton 'Alabama Slim' Frazier and Robert Lee Coleman. Frazier, nearly 7 feet tall, takes his guitar seriously and pairs it with deep, emotional vocals. He's lived in New Orleans for decades.

Robert Lee Coleman, the funky man in the mix, is as thin as a rail and uses his guitar to will to you move. His attacking play looks as if he's charged with electricity. Hailing from Macon, Georgia, Robert Lee did a long stint with Percy Sledge in the 1960s and worked with James Brown and the J.B.'s in the early 1970s. He's been a local secret around Georgia forever.


Side 1
Long Hard Road
Chillin’ Like An Ice Cube

Side 2
Post Man
Way Down In The Bottom (Alabama Slim)
Kin Folk (Robert Lee Coleman)

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