Dan Dyer - Dan Dyer Direct-To-Disc

 ( Volume 4)


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D2D Vinyl Record

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Analogue Productions Originals 2010 Direct-to-Disc Sessions

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas

Dan Dyer returns with two more volumes of the most incredible sounding, airy, textured recordings you could possibly find in the year 2011. This guy has original after original after original — all killer, killer songs. Four volumes (combining his previous two D2D's with these latest two) feels more like scratching the surface than scraping the bottom of the barrel. Dyer is most definitely prolific.

And talented...unbelievably talented. His voice conjures thoughts of Al Green, Stevie Wonder or Sly Stone. His songwriting is deeply introspective and serious.

Dyer, who now lives in Austin, Texas, adds guitar and keyboards to his singing and is joined on these recordings by drums and backing vocals (Michael Hale) along with bass alternating with cello (Mark Williams). 

Previous to his APO direct-to-disc recordings, Dyer’s released records for Fat Caddy Records and for a Lenny Kravitz-run Warner Bros. imprint called Roxie Records. 


1. Sorry, Baby
2. Words In My Head
3. Where I'm Going
4. Happier Than Ever
5. Runnin' For Your Life
6. Anne-Marie

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