Jean Sibelius - String Quartet In D Minor


Berliner Meister Schallplatten



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D2D Vinyl Record

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Meta4's sound is distinctive as individuals and as a homogenous ensemble. They seek perfection in expression, and not just in the matter of technique on the surface. Each of the four musicians is an excellent soloist in himself, yet they create a remarkably tightly knit sound together and their interpretation emerges from joint concept. The artists are not afraid of convention, and they like to sound out the limits of sound coloring and drive. Their joy in playing, pleasure in discovering new sounds and serious perusal of works and traditions always result in a good balance.

Jean Sibelius's String Quartet op. 56 "Voces intimae" was in Meta4's repertoire right from the very beginning, and they often perform it in concert. Therefore it was an obvious choice for this recording made using the 'direct-to-disc' recording technique.


Side 1
Andante - Allegro molto moderato
Adagio di molto

Side 2
Allegretto (ma pesante)

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