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Optional Diamond cantilever available for $4,000.

"…understated beauty of the petrified coral bodes…so rare is the material that cartridges in this guise will only be available in the US, priced at $15000 with production unlikely to exceed a couple of dozen…stunning naturalness and presence…a sense of substance and stability to the image…big and rich and vibrant…There's a rightness, an immediately convincing quality to its presentation that draws you into the music." – Richard S. Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 43

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amazing cartridge

posted on 09/20/2011
5 Stars
It is simply stunning what this cartridge does. Recordings have a luster that I have never heard with any other phono cartridge. It goes beyond he typical hi-fi characteristics that people rave about (imaging, inner detail, etc.). Difficult to describe in words.

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