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The Absolute Sound - 2013 Editors' Choice Awards
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"While I would never call the 7000 a 'lush-sounding' cartridge, it almost manages to convey the natural warmth inherent in most instruments…the 7000 also does a great job of placing instruments precisely within a believable 3-D space, again improving realism…the Shelter 7000 delivers a heaping helping of sonic sophistication for the money." – Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, March 2008

A new cartridge design technology improves dynamic range. These new models (the 7000 and 9000) are a complete departure from the current line current line of Shelter cartridges. Newly designed body, high frigidity, improved front-yoke, larger diameter PC-OCC lead wires wound around the redesigned bobbin. These new concepts and design philosophy allow the Shelter 7000 to achieve new levels of dynamism and quietness for a smooth and effortless sonic presentation.


Shelter 7000 Cartridge features:

  •     Output Voltage: 0.5 mV at 1kHz 5cm/sec.
  •     Channel Balance: Within 0.8dB at 1kHz
  •     Stylus Tip: 0.3 x 0.7mil Elliptical Nude Diamond
  •     Weight: 11g
  •     DC Resistance: 10 ohms
  •     Tracking Force Range: 1.4 to 2.0g
  •     Recommended Load Impedance: within 10 to 30 ohms with step-up transformer, within 100 ohms with head amplifier
  •     Compliance: 9cu
  •     Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-2dB
  •     Channel Separation at 1 kHz: >25dB
  •     Anodized Aluminum Body with neodymium magnet


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