The Beatles - Let It Be

 (Super Deluxe Edition 180 Gram Vinyl Box Set New Stereo Mix 4 LPs + 12 Inch Vinyl + Book)

The Beatles - Let It Be





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The Beatles' classic 1970 album!

Super Deluxe 180-gram 4LP + 12-inch EP Box Set packaging

Newly mixed by Giles Martin, son of original producer George Martin, and Sam Okell in stereo as guided by the original "reproduced for disc" version by Phil Spector

Sourced directly from the original session and rooftop performance 8-track tapes

Includes 27 unreleased session recordings, a 4-track Let It Be EP, the 1969 unreleased 14-track "Get Back" stereo LP mix by Glyn Johns, and a 100-page hardback book with an intro by Paul McCartney, track-by-track recording information, many unseen photos, notes and more

Custom slipcase houses the LPs, 12-inch EP, and hardbound book

The Beatles have announced a reissue of Let It Be, packaging the classic 1970 album with a new stereo mix of the album by Giles Martin, son of original producer George Martin, and engineer Sam Okell, as guided by the original "reproduced for disc" version by Phil Spector and sourced directly from the original session and rooftop performance 8-track tapes.

The vinyl version Super Deluxe Edition set also includes previously unreleased session recordings and a 1969 mix by noted producer and recording engineer Glyn Johns. The reissue also corrals unreleased rehearsals and studio jams, and is slated to arrive October 15, 2021 via Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe.

"I had always thought the original film Let It Be was pretty sad as it dealt with the break-up of our band," writes Paul McCartney in his foreword for a special edition Let It Be book included in the Super Deluxe Edition. "But the new film shows the camaraderie and love the four of us had between us. It also shows the wonderful times we had together, and combined with the newly remastered Let It Be album, stands as a powerful reminder of this time. It's how I want to remember The Beatles."

In 2017, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was reissued for its 50th anniversary. The White Album got the same treatment the following year, and Abbey Road was reissued in 2019.

Rolling Stone calls Let It Be the Beatles' misunderstood masterpiece. The album with the band's most daunting reputation. We're all used to hearing it as their break-up album. The messy film soundtrack that arrived in May 1970, just as the band was breaking up.

But with Phil Spector taking the helm, the story of Let It Be had diamonds among shining amid its darker moments. This is the album with classics such as "Let It Be," "Across the Universe," "Get Back," and "Two of Us."

Rolling Stone reports that this crucial box set that drops Oct. 15 finally places this wildly misunderstood music in the Beatles' story.

The extras included in the set are gems of their own. For instance, take the the Glyn Johns stereo mix.

Johns has worked on classic albums for such stars as the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, the Who, the Beatles and the Clash. You can't shuffle through a classic rock collection without finding his name in the credits.

"It's an album of conflict," says producer Giles Martin, son of the late George Martin, of Let It Be. "Not, funnily enough, conflict within the band, despite what people think, but creative conflict. It's the most creatively conflicted album the Beatles made, because they aren't quite sure what they're making."

There's pain in the music, yet there are also undeniable moments of warmth, laughter, brotherhood. It's rooted in friendship, whether it's George helping Ringo write "Octopus' Garden" or Paul and John writing "I've Got a Feeling." There's something so beautifully daft about the whole Get Back/Let It Be project, something that only could have occurred to the Beatles.

LP 1
1. Two Of Us
2. Dig A Pony
3. Across The Universe
4. I Me Mine
5. Dig It
6. Let It Be
7. Maggie Mae
8. I’ve Got A Feeling
9. One After 909
10. The Long And Winding Road
11. For You Blue
12. Get Back

LP 2
1. Morning Camera (Speech – mono) / Two Of Us (Take 4)
2. Maggie Mae / Fancy My Chances With You (Mono)
3. Can You Dig It?
4. Don’t Know Why I’m Moaning (Speech – mono)
5. For You Blue (Take 4)
6. Let It Be / Please Please Me / Let It Be (Take 10)
7. I’ve Got A Feeling (Take 10)
8. Dig A Pony (Take 14)
9. Get Back (Take 19)
10. Like Making An Album? (Speech)
11. One After 909 (Take 3)
12. Don’t Let Me Down (First rooftop performance)
13. The Long And Winding Road (Take 19)
14. Wake Up Little Susie / I Me Mine (Take 11)

LP 3
1. On The Day Shift Now (Speech – mono) / All Things Must Pass (Rehearsals – mono)
2. Concentrate On The Sound (mono)
3. Gimme Some Truth (Rehearsal – mono)
4. I Me Mine (Rehearsal – mono)
5. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Rehearsal)
6. Polythene Pam (Rehearsal – mono)
7. Octopus’s Garden (Rehearsal – mono)
8. Oh! Darling (Jam)
9. Get Back (Take 8)
10. The Walk (Jam)
11. Without A Song (Jam) – Billy Preston with John and Ringo
12. Something (Rehearsal – mono)
13. Let It Be (Take 28)

LP 4
1. One After 909
2. I’m Ready (aka Rocker) / Save The Last Dance For Me / Don’t Let Me Down
3. Don’t Let Me Down
4. Dig A Pony
5. I’ve Got A Feeling
6. Get Back
7. For You Blue
8. Teddy Boy
9. Two Of Us
10. Maggie Mae
11. Dig It
12. Let It Be
13. The Long And Winding Road
14. Get Back (Reprise)

LP 5 (12” Vinyl)
1. Across The Universe (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)
2. I Me Mine (unreleased Glyn Johns 1970 mix)
3. Don’t Let Me Down (new mix of original single version)
4. Let It Be (new mix of original single version)

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Takes you into the studio.

posted on 02/04/2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Robert Tinsen
Incredible depth. Brings you into the recording studio. Beautiful packaging and the coffee table book is very interesting and well done. Great value for the money. Made to last a lifetime.

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