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Sepultura - Sepulnation - The Studio Albums 1998-2009

 (Half Speed Remaster)


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180-gram five-album 8LP box set!

Includes Against, Nation (2LP), Roorback (2LP), Dante XXI, A-Lex (2LP)

All five albums back on vinyl for the first time in more than a decade!

Half-speed cut and remastered

Roorback album also includes rare Revolusongs EP!

Formed in 1984, Sepultura are arguably Brazil's biggest music export having enjoyed huge global success throughout their career to date. This five album box set represents the second phase of the band's career, when vocalist Derrick Green joined the band on vocals after the departure of founding member Max Cavalera — although four out of the five of these records still feature his brother Iggor on drums. Spanning the years 1998 to 2009, this box set contains the albums Against, Nation, Roorback, Dante XXI and A-Lex, all of which are half speed cut, remastered and back on 180-gram vinyl for the first time in a decade.

Against (1998)
Side A:
1. Against
2. Choke
3. Rumors
4. Old Earth
5. Floaters In Mud
6. Boycott
7. Tribus
8. Common Bonds
Side B:
1. F.O.E.
2. Reza
3. Unconscious
4. Kamaitachi
5. Drowned Out
6. Hatred Aside
7. T3rcermillennium8.

Nation (2001)
Side A:
1. Sepulnation
2. Revolt
3. Border Wars
4. One Man Army
Side B:
1. Vox Populi
2. The Ways Of Faith
3. Uma Cura
4. Who Must Die?
5.Side C:
6. Saga
7. Tribe To A Nation
8. Politricks
9. Human Cause
Side D:
1. Reject
2. Water
3. Valtio

Roorback (2003 - Includes Rare Revolusongs EP)
Side A:
1. Come Back Alive
2. Godless
3. Apes Of God
4. More Of The Same
5. Urge
6. Corrupted
Side B:
1. As It Is
2. Mind War
3. Leech
4. The Rift
5. Bottomed Out
6. Activist
7. Outro
Side C:
1. Messiah
2. Angel
3. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
Side D:
1. Mongoloid
2. Mountain Song
3. Bullet The Blue Sky
4. Piranha

Dante XXI (2006)
Side A:
1. Lost (Intro)
2. Dark Wood Of Error
3. Convicted In Life
4. City Of Dis
5. False
6. Fighting On
Side B:
1. Limbo (Intro)
2. Ostia
3. Buried Words
4. Nuclear Seven
5. Repeating The Horror
6. Eunoe (Intro)
7. Crown And Miter
8. Primium Mobile (Intro)
9. Still Flame

A-Lex (2009)
Side A:
1. A-Lex I
2. Moloko Mesto
3. Filthy Rot
4. We've Lost You!
5. What I Do!
Side B:
1. A-Lex II
2. The Treatment
3. Metamorphosis
4. Sadistic Values
Side C:
1. Forceful Behavior
2. Conform
3. A-Lex III
4. The Experiment
5. Strike
Side D:
1. Enough Said
2. Ludwig Van
3. A-Lex IV
4. Paradox

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