Opeth - Blackwater Park

 (20th Anniversary Edition on White/Black Smokey Light Colored Vinyl)





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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 140 Gram

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20th Annivesary Edition white/black smokey light colored viny!

A much-deserved and open-armed 20th anniversary celebration of Opeth's magnum opus. Two decades in and still a breath-taking piece of work, dense with extraordinary melodic moments, spine-tingling atmospherics and agile but crushing heaviness, and one that saw the Swedish metallers kick open prog's ornate doors, fed death metal through the cosmic kaleidoscope and introduced a generation of music nerds to a world of limitless musical possibilities.

The reissue comes lovingly pressed onto heavyweight, audiophile approved vinyl, with a variety of deluxe finishes, and housed in a gatefold artwork sleeve, with updated liner notes and acknowledgements. The deluxe variants, including a hardcase CD, come furnished with an updated artwork booklet complete with new liner notes, never- seen-before memories from the band, and exclusive content provided by the Opeth fanbase. It remains a must for Opeth enthusiasts, completists and casual listeners alike.

Side A
1. The Leper Affinity
2. Bleak

Side B
1. Harvest
2. The Drapery Falls

Side C
1. Dirge for November
2. The Funeral Portrait
3. Patterns in the Ivy

Side D
1. Blackwater Park
2. The Leper Affinity (Live)

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