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 (Limited Edition 4 x 7 Inch Vinyl + Special Bonus Colored 7 Inch + Studio Ghibli 7 Inch Adapter)


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Studio Ghibli animation theme songs collected in new 7-inch box set!

Scores composed by Joe Hisaishi

Music from My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Laputa Castle In The Sky

Longtime Studio Ghibli collaborator Joe Hisaishi is one of Japan's most prolific and celebrated composers, creating more than 100 film scores and albums to date, including every Hayao Miyazaki animation since they first crossed paths, with the exception of Whisper of the Heart, which Miyazaki didn't direct.

Now, theme songs from three Studio Ghibli animations are being collected in a new 7" box set coming soon. The theme songs of Studio Ghibli's popular works come from the movies Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind (which was released 35 years ago), Castle In The Sky/Laputa and My Neighbor Totoro which have been loved by many people and even appeared in music textbooks. Also included in the set is a bonus 7-inch colored vinyl disc with unreleased songs, and a limited edition Studio Ghibli 7-inch adapter. The box set's 10 tracks have been remastered from the original tapes, with replica cover artwork. The set follows the release of nine Studio Ghibli image albums in 2018.

4x original 7-inch records + special bonus colored vinyl disc
Discs 1-4 are reissues of the original EPs
Special Bonus Disc 5 contains unreleased instrumental versions
New jacket artwork
Red, blue or yellow bonus 7-inch is included at random
Custom adapter for large hole 7' vinyl records




Disc 1
Side A:
Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind
Side B:
Wind Fairy
Vocal: Narumi Yasuda

Disc 2
Side A:
If I Can Fly In The Sky
Side B:
I Don't Need Virgin Road
Vocal: Yoko Obata

Disc 3
Side A:
My Neighbor Totoro
Side B:
Carrying You
Vocal: Azumi Inoue

Disc 4
Side A:
My Neighbor Totoro
Side B:
Hey Let's Go
Vocal: Azumi Inoue

Disc 5 - Special Bonus Disc / random colored vinyl
Side A:
Carrying You (unreleased Crystal Clear Sound instrumental)
Side B:
My Neighbor Totoro (unreleased Crystal Clear Sound instrumental)

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