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Low Output Cartridges

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M stands for Micro-line, the design of the nude diamond stylus tip used on this range of two cartridges, the ML (low output) and MH (high output).

In line with the Hana philosophy of offering highly musical cartridges at competitive prices, the ML and MH options are set to offer a great sound and great value for money.


  • Nude Microline Stylus
  • MH 2mV output @3.54cm/sec
  • ML 0.4mV output @3.54 cm/sec
  • Aluminum Cantilever
  • Tracking force 2.0 grams
  • Cartridge weight 9.0 grams
  • Channel Separation: 30dB
  • Output Balance: <1dB
  • Frequency Response: 12 - 45kHz
  • Impedance: MH:130Ω/ML: 8Ω
  • Loading: MH: 47Ω/ML: >100Ω

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One of the most accurate musical cartridges at any price

posted on 01/23/2023
5 Stars
Somebody who writes for Stereophile magazine suggested this cartridge to me over a 3K Soundsmith voice I'd been using for a while that was good but overly analytical and boring. The Hana ML is everything, It's not. It's a fun, involving cart to listen to for many hours at a time, and equals many cartridges more than twice its price. Now when I cue a record on my old VPI Classic 1, I just sit back, relax and enjoy the music. Over the years, I've owned many more pricey low output MCs, but none of them come close to the sound of the Hana ML. Highly recommended.

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