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Grado - Platinum2 (4.0mv)




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Now shipping the Series "2" versions of the Wood Body Phono Cartridges:

  •  Redesigned wood chassis featuring increased & optimized mass distribution for improved audio stability and imaging
  •  New engineered coils
  •  New proprietary magnets


The new coils and magnets improve signal transfer of low level information which enhances realism of the music.

The entry-level model of the "wood-bodied" lineup is warm and sweet and is a great enhancement for those looking to improve the sound of their systems. Available in the .5mv and 4.0mv outputs.

Customer Reviews (4.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

Good overall performer

posted on 04/17/2013
4 Stars
Reviewer: Todor Iolovski
I had this Grado for about 2 years or so. It is a well balanced, pleasing performer on jazz and classical music. The base is soft, full and articulated. Midrange is present and clear, the highs are full of transients and transparent especially on records like Diana Krall's Live in Paris. I have it on a JH Audiolabs tone arm and hand made turntable. The Grado sounds good with a valve preamp as well as transistors preamp. Good cattridge for the price.

Good Value Entry Level Grado Wood Body

posted on 11/20/2009
4 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin Kennedy
I've had one of these for a while and found it tracks extremely well and has a balanced slightly overall warm sound. I'm using mine in a fully restored and slightly modified SME 3009 Series II (detachable headshell) installed on a restored Thorens TD-125 MKI. System is all DIY tube. SPeakers are DIY Onkens with JBL horn mids and highs.

VTA adjustment is pretty critical and you will know instantly that you have it right as the sound opens up quite noticeably. Track it at the upper limit recommended.

This cartridge definitely has the ability to convey a very convincing palpable performance on midrange, particularly good on voices. Bass extension is very good, and well controlled. Treble is extended, but lacks the ultimate refinement. Usually not excessively bright.

I find imaging is very good, sound stage extends well beyond the speakers and has considerable depth. Provides a good window into the recording, detail and ambience recovery very good.

Edgy high end, great detail

posted on 12/02/2007
3 Stars
Reviewer: Paul
Excellent bass and detail.Edgy top end,mistracking.Narrow soundstage.Doesn't extend beyond speakers.Need a very warm room.VTA is critical.Not reccomended unless you want a bright high end with lots of detail.NOT SMOOTH!

Like most Grado, good for the price with a few drawbacks.

posted on 08/30/2007
4 Stars
This cartridge has an good low end. Specs state low end goes to 10Hz. It actually goes lower. I've seen 2Hz information go to my speakers. This is good and bad. Although you can't hear down that low, it makes the part you can hear a quality signal. It has no trouble with low frequency information. The problem is, information below 20 Hz is often turntable rumble. This KILLS your headroom, especially with a tube amp. Also, speakers can be damaged by this if your output transformers can pass that very low information. This cartridge has a bit more sibilance (tracking problems) than I would have expected for a $300 cartridge. Again, good price to quality ratio, and it's 100% American made. Grado's customer service has been excellent. I once had a problem with this cartridge when it was WAY out of warranty (by about a year), and they fixed it no questions asked, AND paid return express shipping!


posted on 05/08/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Max Sittenfeld
The best buy in all the cartridge I ever tried. If you compared with CLEARAUDIO AURUM BETA the Platinum have not only much better bass but also the tracking is by far superior. The only advantage of the a the AURUM BETA S is it openess

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