Kuzma - CAR-20H High-Output Moving Coil phono cartridge





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High-Output version of CAR-20 with 2 Mv and 47 kOhm loading like a MM cart. Kuzma CAR cartridges are made to Kuzma's specifications by a Japanese company with over 50 years experience in this field. The same approach, with regard to design and manufacture, is used as in other Kuzma products. A combination of brass and aluminum gives rigid and inert support to the signal generator, allowing the diamond tip to extract musical information from the record grooves without distortion.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type:     Moving Coil
  • Coil Wire:     4N Silver
  • Cantilever Material:     Aluminum
  • Stylus:     Microridge
  • Frequency Response:     10Hz - 45kHz
  • Oupt Voltage:    .3mV
  • Channel Balance (1 kHz):     < 1dB
  • Channel Seperation (1kHz):     > 28dB
  • Tracking Force:     2.0 g
  • Compliance:     10x10-6 cm/dyne
  • Trackability:     >70um/2.0 g
  • Internal Impedance:     6
  • Load Impedance:     >100
  • Net Weight:     17 g

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