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Grado - The Prestige Gold3

Grado - The Prestige Gold3




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The newly redesigned Silver1 and Gold1 have had their coil design reconfigured, and the effective moving mass of their generating system has been reduced by 17%. The Silver1 and gold1 models use a four piece OTL cantilever technology, ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils and Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond mounted on a brass bushing. The Gold1 model is selected from the Silver1 production run and meets higher test specifications. Approximately 5% of the production run meet these standards and become Gold1 models.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response:     10-60
  • Principal:     MI
  • Channel Seperation at 1KHz:     35
  • Input Load:     47K
  • Output ar 1KHz 5CM/sec.:     5mV
  • Recommended Tracking Force:     1.5
  • Stylus Type:     E
  • Inductance:     45mH
  • Resistance:     475
  • Compliance CUs:     20
  • Stylus Replacement U=user:     U
  • Mounting:    S/P
  • Weight:     5.5

Customer Reviews (4.25 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Nice Sound - Just Not Enough Of It

posted on 02/11/2013
4 Stars
Reviewer: Kenny Fleshman
I ordered this with my new VPI Traveler. It indeed has great sound, good soundstage, loads of detail, very precise. But it is just too "polite" as one critic put it. I put about 80 hours on it hoping it would get better but until I get another phonostage to give it some gain I put my Shure M97xe on the VPI. And it not only rocks but handles jazz and vocal music with more dynamics than the Grado. It is a good unit - needs a kick start to get my attention.


posted on 01/23/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Paul
This cart was recommended to upgrade my Pro Ject RPM 1.3. I thought my TT sounded great before, but the improvement in sound was amazing.

Anything cheaper than this is a waste of money!

posted on 10/13/2008
5 Stars
Directly compeared to Shure M97XE Grado Gold has much more defined and dynamic sound. Spend 80 bucks more and you will get much better performance!

ho hum

posted on 11/27/2007
3 Stars
Reviewer: terry
I decided to try this cartridge because of the high regard I have for the products recommended here. The detail revealed by the cartridge was as good as expected however,Grado cartridges are not shielded from motor hum. The humming noise grows as the cartridge nears the center of the record. I heard this can be fixed with a mu metal foil placed under the platter. haven't tried it yet. For now I will stick with the goldring cartridge that came with my MMF 5 turntable.

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