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Friedrich Gulda - Message From G

 (6 LP + Booklet)





Product No.:
AMPS 300671
EAN: 885470006710
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Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 6


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180-gram 6LP plus book

Pianist Friedrich Gulda, along with Ursula Anders on drums, performs compositional works by Bach, Mozart and Debussy and more. Recorded live at Grosser Musikvereinssaal, Vienna — Oct. 12th, 13th, 15th, 1978

Produced for MPS.

Box set release includes a book with detailed data of the compositions, lyrics and English translation of Gulda's comments heard on the records.

The album titled Message from G that was released in 1979 on the MPS label embodies more than any other the visionary creativity of the composer and pianist Friedrich Gulda. On the album, he traces the paths of the great masters — Bach, Mozart and Debussy, whose work he plays — works which then provide him with the most diverse of inspirations for his own compositions, long before classical music opened up to other influences.

"My aim in remastering 'Message from G' was not to change anything in the recordings of the three concerts of 1978; not to adapt them to today's listening habits or to modify them; on the contrary, the aim was to capture that special beauty of musicality and tone and to achieve a sound as close to the original recordings as possible. To that end, the master tape was comprehensively reworked: on the one hand by careful selection and the finest calibration of the tape equipment and the subsequent signal chain, and on the other hand by making very sensitive adjustments to the frequency range and the amplitude level. The theoretical basis for this was, among other things, an original vinyl disc that I used frequently for comparison purposes. We worked exclusively with analogue technology to produce the re-release. Despite an intensive search, the original master tapes of LP 1, B-side — "For Rico", "Italian Concerto", "Aria" (Version 1) and LP 3, B-side "Sonata in B flat major", "Aria" (Version 2) — were not to be found either in the MPS Archives in Villingen as backup copies or in the original tape archives and must therefore be considered as lost."" — Producer's comment, Christoph Stickel, July 2015

• Numbered, limited edition
• Analogue remastering (AAA)
• 6LP box set
• 180-gram virgin vinyl
• Pressed at Optimal Media GmbH in Germany
• True to the original configuration: Records in original edition style of MPS adaptation of the original LP, vinyl labels modeled from the originals
• Removal of all traces of aging from the original MPS tapes, meticulous analog optimizing of the tapes. Strict adherence to the sound aesthetics of the era
• Pure analogue transfer to the lacquer master
• Liner notes include remastering info and pictures of the original master tape boxes

Friedrich Gulda, piano

First Concert:
1. Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (Bach)
2. Arabic-Gipyish Fantasy (Gulda)
3. Prelude and Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Part II, in D minor (Bach)
4. For Rico (Gulda)
5. Italian Concerto (Bach)
6. Aria - Version I (Gulda)
7. Introduction and Dance (Gulda)
8. For Paul (Gulda)
9. Variation (Gulda)
10. Prelude and Fugue (Gulda)
11. Variations on "Light My Fire" (Gulda)
Second Concert:
12. Blues for Joe Venuti (Gulda)
13. Fantasy in D minor (Mozart)
14. Fantasy in C minor (Mozart)
15. Sonata in B-flat Major
16. Aria - Version II (Gulda)
17. Selbstgesprach im Kasgraben (Gulda)
18. Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir (Debussy)
19. Ondine (Debussy)
20. La terrasse des audiences du claire du lune (Debussy)
21. Brouillards (Debussy)
22. Poem (Pauer, Gulda, Anders, Kiwus, Fuchs)
Third Concert:
Besuch vom alten G (Gulda / Goeth / Anders)
23. Part I
24. Part I (cont.)
25. Part II
26. Part II (conclusion)

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