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It is important to note, if you don’t already, that the Hi FI news test record includes alignment tools.

This is the successor to the original Hi-Fi News Test LP. The original tracks have been re-cut with a frequency sweep track added and the Pink Noise tracks extended. The new 17-track version is an even finer pressing than the original.

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A Must For Proper Turntable/Cartridge Set-up

posted on 07/06/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin A
The collection of tracks on this album allowed me to properly align the tone arm & cartridge on my turntable through a series of easy-to-follow steps and instructions. The printed information that accompanies the record is also very helpful in gaining some understanding of "how & why" proper TT calibration is so critical for the serious listener. Highly recommended!

a cain

posted on 06/14/2005
1 Stars
Reviewer: michael easley
helps set up your catridge correctly a must for setting anti skate.

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