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System Set Up Record


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180-gram vinyl, made in Germany

New signals and recordings to test and adjust vinyl record playback equipment. This record creates new possibilities of inspecting and adjusting record players. Most tests (except for frequency response) can also be carried out without measuring instruments, just by listening, and are therefore particularly well-suited for the ambitious music listener who wants to know how well his system deals with demanding signals under realistic conditions, and whether there is a need for repairs or improvements.

Side 1
Part 1: Tracking Ability
Part 2: Wow and Flutter
Part 3: Phase
Part 4: Crosstalk
Part 5: Tracking Angle Error
Part 6: Skating
Part 7: Pick-up Arm Resonance

Side 2
Part 8: Strident Sibilants and Fricatives
Part 9: Frequency Response
Part 10: Dynamics
Part 8: Strident Sibilants and Fricatives, Repetition

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