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Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - The Look Of Love - Live At Jazz Is 2nd Set Product No: CVEN 0356 SA
Available: BackOrdered
Category: Single Layer Stereo SACD
Label: Venus

At the club

5 Stars
Posted Monday, April 4, 2022 by Brian VanPelt It is like being at the club. All the instruments sound very real. Basically, you have an upfront seat to this event. As such, all of the instruments have tremendous presence in the room. If you've ever sat near a piano at a club, you can feel a lot of the music it makes. Same goes for the drums and bass. Additionally, there is some clapping between tunes as well as some background chatter when the music is quiet. There is background rumble which is evident on track 4 if you blast the music. I had the music blasted much louder than normal. This is not as evident on the other tracks. Track 4 is completely a bass/cello solo (playing a very cool version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow).

If you keep levels loud, but not overwhelming, then you will experience no distortion or tape hiss (although this might have been recorded digitally).

The playing is very spirited with the piano left of center, the drums centered and the bass between.

Keith Jarrett Trio - Koln Concert Product No: CECMJ 9059 SA
Available: BackOrdered
Category: Single Layer Stereo SACD
Label: ECM

Just like the record

5 Stars
Posted Thursday, January 6, 2022 by Brian VanPelt I immediately was able to tell that this SACD sounds exactly the same as the record, minus the surface noise, as I've listened to the album a lot. Of course, zero surface noise means you can turn it up as loudly as you want.

Keith Jarrett's piano occupies mostly the right/middle of the soundstage, It seems like you are sitting on the stage with him. The piano is so well-recorded, you can easily hear every note, and you can hear Jarrett's hands gong up and down the piano keys. Of course, that also means you can hear Jarrett's vocal sounds quite clearly - but if you are a fan a this man, you already know he makes noise while he plays (it seems he gets into some place in his head, and he is able to concentrate intensely as if there is no audience).

This is an amazingly relaxing album. It's incredible to hear someone create music on the fly. You can listen as Keith Jarrett plays note after note until he hits a melody he likes, and then he embellishes on the fly.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Product No: CVER 589596 SA
Available: InStock
Category: Single Layer Stereo SACD
Label: Verve

Great sounding SACD

5 Stars
Posted Friday, June 18, 2010 by P. Leahy First off, the music on this album is nothing short of incredible - anyone who's on this website looking at this should already know that. You're wondering about the quality of the SACD audio, and I have to say, I think the job that was done on this one is fantastic - the only down side being that it's not a hybrid; there's no standard CD layer to use on it. If you just want an SACD of this album for less than $20, then this is the one. The Analogue Productions edition may turn out to be better, if it's based on a newer mastering - not sure if that's the case, though. That one's a hybrid, but it's also $30. But hey, it's great that there's actually a choice between two editions.

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Products

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