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Eva Cassidy - Songbird



Blix Street Records



Product No.:
ABLX 410220
UPC: 739341022081
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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
Vinyl Record
Canada Collection/ sealed

180-gram 45 RPM 2LP audiophile reissue

A platinum-selling album in the U.S. and quadruple platinum album in the U.K.!

"Eva Cassidy moves me in every way — emotionally, intellectually, as a singer, and spiritually. Her version of Sting's 'Fields of Gold' moves met to tears." — Roseanne Cash

A specially-sequenced introduction to the music of Eva Cassidy, gathered from Live At Blues Alley, Eva By Heart and The Other Side (a duet album with Chuck Brown).

Eva Cassidy's unparalleled posthumous recording career began with the release of the Songbird album in early 1998. Twenty-three years and more than 5 million sales later, Songbird sits atop Eva's album catalog, with Eva's becoming one of only 11 female artists ever to achieve 10 or more U.K. gold-selling albums.

This seminal album is reissued on audiophile 45 RPM heavyweight vinyl. Remastered for vinyl using original sources, Eva Cassidy's bestselling U.S. & U.K. platinum-certified album is available on double vinyl for the first time.

Cassidy, whose pure, powerful voice caused a collective spontaneous reaction around the world that she did not live to witness, continues to touch her millions of fans, years after her death on Nov. 2, 1996 from melanoma at the age of 33. Cassidy remains an international sensation. Fans hear a connection to heaven in her voice; critics praise her sensitivity, her superb interpretive skills, and her ability to sing anything with time-stopping beauty and grace.


Side A
1. Fields Of Gold
2. Wade In The Water

Side B
1. Autumn Leaves
2. Wayfaring Stranger
3. Songbird

Side C
1. Time Is A Healer
2. I Know You By Heart
3. People Get Ready

Side D
1. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
2. Over The Rainbow

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

Ranks with the top pressings of female vocalists

posted on 06/04/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tax9II
This pressing is as good as it gets and the music is worth the effort it took. I have been a big fan of Eva Cassidy since the first time I heard an original pressing of Songbird in the early 2000's. I bought the 45rpm version with the hope that it would be better than the original and it exceeded my highest expectations. All four sides were impeccably quiet and the quality of the engineering and mastering are as good. I can't find who did this pressing, but kudos to them for the amazingly quiet surfaces. In my mind this album ranks with Patricia Barber's 45rpm Cafe Blue, Janis Ian's Breaking Silence and Jennifer Warne's Famous Blue Raincoat. It is just a shear pleasure to listen to.

A must have for all music lovers

posted on 05/19/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Iain
Ordered this with high expectations. WOW Eva Cassidy is in my room. This is easily one of the best vinyl records I have ever heard and eclipses the cd version. Dead quiet and if you did not know, you would never guess you were listening to to a supposedly archaic and inferior music replay medium. A must have for every music lover. Pure genius. Streaming???? what are you on??


posted on 02/25/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Fred Clanahan
I agree with the previous comment…get it before it’s out of print. DEAD QUIET vinyl, her voice just pops right through the black background. I’m beyond impressed! And of course the music is fantastic. I guess now I can put my CD copy away forever.

Get it before it's out-of-print

posted on 02/24/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joey1127
This is a MUST HAVE. No IGD on Songbird, very quiet background and fantastically smooth. If you have the LP of this that was done a while back now, or the CD release, this Double 45rpm release is a MUST HAVE for the ultimate in Hi-Fi!!! Will really bring your system to life!!!

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