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The official soundtrack album!

"This is the rare video game soundtrack that provides a cohesive experience beginning to end. The instrumentation is phenomenal. The fluttering woodwinds on "Cut with a Keen-Edged Sword" make manifest a spine-tingling sense of impending danger, and this gives way to a gorgeous strings and drum segment that typifies a style of sound found herein." — Kyle E. Miller, RPGFan Music

Composed by Grammy-nominated, multi-media composer Austin Wintory, performed by The Dallas Wind Symphony and a trio of famous YouTube soloists: vocalists Malukah and Peter Hollens, and violinist Taylor Davis. Recorded by Grammy-winning engineer Keith O. Johnson and the Reference Recordings team at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

Wintory is an American composer who has scored more than 40 feature films, a dozen video games, and
numerous concert works. In 2012 he received a Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media (the first ever for a video game) for the game soundtrack from "Journey," which has scanned more than 21,000 units!

1. We Will Not Be Forgotten
2. How Did It come to This?
3. No Tree Grows to the Sky
4. Only the Sun has Stopped
5. Cut with a Keen-Edged Sword
6. Huddle in the Shadows
7. There is no Bad Weather
8. Teach us Luck
9. No Life Goes Forever Unbroken
10. Little Did They Sleep
11. An Unblinking Eye
12. Thunder before Lightning
13. Embers in the Wind
14. A Long Walk Stills Out Hearts
15. The Egg Cracks
16. Three Days to Cross
17. Walls No Man Has Seen
18. Strewn Across a Bridge
19. Weary the Weight of the Sun
20. An Uncertain Path
21. Into Dust
22. On the Hides of Wild Beasts
23. From the Table to the Axe
24. A Sunken City
25. Our Heels Bleed from the Bites of Wolves
26. Long Past that Last Sigh
27. Of Our Bones, The Hills
28. We are all Guests upon the Land
29. Onward

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