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"…These amplifiers are big and beefy, offering up tons of power, thanks to a bank of ten EL-34's per channel. Not for the weak of heart or bicep, the Classic 250's will rock your world no matter what kind of music you enjoy…there wasn't a speaker they wouldn't drive with ease including some panel speakers that are typically a somewhat complex load." – Tone Audio,

While the Neo-Classic SE / PP may require careful speaker matching, we have yet to encounter a design that will challenge the 250s. These powerhouses can give the instant energy required for dynamic reproduction of transient peaks, and their bass impact and weight often exceeds that of rival solid-state amplifiers. They also possess great delicacy and the seductive midrange that can only come from tubes. The EL-34 output stage can be switched between triode-mode for 100 watts per channel, or for more demanding musical fare, tetrode mode yielding 250 watts. These amps will do justice to the world's finest ancillary components and speakers.

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