Manley Labs - Mahi Power Amplifier

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Manley Labs - Mahi Power Amplifier

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Brand new styling. Looks like a mini-Snapper. This is a monoblock version of the Stingray integrated amplifier. Includes 40 watts of ultralinear or 20 watts of triode. UL/Triode switching is now a standard feature.

  • Input Impedance: 110 Kohm
  • Input Sensitivity: TRIODE      UL
              FB MIN: 175mV      155mV
               FB STD: 312mV      340mV
             FB MAX: 480mV      566mV
  • Gain: 29dB
  • Negative Feedback: MIN= 3dB; STD=6dB; MAX=10dB of global NFB
  • Max. Output Power defined as power output reaching 1.5% THD @ 1KHz
    into 5 ohms: TRIODE      UL
        FB MIN: 18W           20W
        FB STD: 27W           42W
       FB MAX: 28W           46W
    into 8 ohms: TRIODE      UL
        FB MIN: 14W           24W
        FB STD: 24W           40W
      FB MAX: 25W           41W
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Ref. 1W: Typically 82 dB A-WGT 20-20K
  • Noise Floor: Typically 150µV = -74dBu A-WGT
  • Typically 650µV = -62dBu unweighted
  • Dynamic Range: 83dB
  • THD+noise @ 5W less than 0.15%
  • Frequency Response at full power UL mode w/MAX NFB: 20 Hz to 20 kHz FLAT
  • Frequency Response at 5W into 5 ohms: 10 Hz to 30 kHz FLAT, -3.75dB @ 100KHz
  • Recommended Speaker Load: Optimized for 5 ohms
  • Actual Output Impedance: TRIODE     UL
                              FB MIN: 2.83 ohms 3.57 ohms
                              FB STD: 1.87 ohms 2.16 ohms
                             FB MAX: 1.28 ohms 1.36 ohms
  • Power Consumption (idle): 102 Watts (0.85A @ 120VAC)
  • Power Consumption (at Rated Full Power): 168 Watts (1.4A @ 120VAC)
  • Vacuum Tubes: 1 x 12AT7WA Ei, 1 x 6414 JAN NOS, 4 x EL84 Output per monoblock
  • Output Tube Quiescent Standing Current: 20mA
  • Set Bias for 200mVDC measured across each 10 ohm cathode resistor
  • Fuse types for 120VAC operation: MDL or MDA 3 AMP / 250 Volt SLO-BLO
                          240VAC operation: MDL or MDA 2 AMP / 250 Volt SLO-BLO
  • B+ FUSE: MDA 4/10th AMP, 250 Volt SLO-BLO
  • Dimensions: 11" deep x 10" wide x 5" tall
  • Shipping weight each: 18 pounds

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