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Rogue Audio - Hydra Power Amp

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Rogue Audio



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Groundbreaking Triode/Class D Hybrid Amplifiers!

Imagine a new kind of amplifier that combines the best of both the solid state and tube technologies. An energy efficient "green" design requiring no tube biasing or regular maintenance. An amplifier having the smooth and organic sound that only tubes can provide combined with the dynamics and slam of the solid state. Such an amplifier now exists! Critics are already using words like "Groundbreaking" and "Revolutionary" to describe our new tube/Class D hybrid amplifiers.

Utilizing breakthrough technology developed by Rogue Audio these amplifiers provide outstanding performance in a compact and cool running design. The Medusa is conservatively rated at 200WPC into 8 Ohms and 400WPC into 4 Ohms while the Hydra is rated at 100/200WPC. Both amplifiers feature a triode tube front end combined with a class D Mosfet output section that offers incredibly smooth and transparent sound with none of the fatigue often associated with earlier class D amplifiers.

General Features:

  • Large high performance toroidal transformers
  • Massive linear power supplies
  • Balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) inputs
  • Heavy-duty gold plated binding posts
  • Two 12AU7 tube complement
  • Short circuit protection
  • Standby circuitry for solid state components
  • Slow start circuit for extended tube life
  • Machined aluminum faceplate
  • Heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit board
  • All precision components


  • Output power Hydra: 100/200 WPC 8/4 Ohms
  • Input impedance: 200K Ohms
  • frequency response: 10Hz - 20KHz ± 1dB
  • THD: <0.1% typ., <1.0% at rated power
  • input sensitivity: 1.0V RMS
  • dimensions: 18" W x 15" D x 5.5" H
  • weight: 34 lbs
  • power requirements: 115/230V - 50/60Hz

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