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M SE 300B
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The wonderfully simple 300B directly-heated triode tube is the stuff of legends. "Singled-Ended" amplifiers based on this topology have now been elevated to cult status, and many audiophiles take a religious stance when waxing emphatic about their sound. But the main drawback to these types of amplifiers is their miniscule power output. Power ratings in the single digits are not uncommon. It is essential then that a very efficient speaker be utilized with this type of design. The Manley Neo-Classic SE / PP gives the audiophile the option of switching between 18 watts of pure, single-ended triode power, or with the flip of a switch, 36 watts in push-pull. There is also a variable feedback control to perfectly match the amplifiers damping factor to your speakers. Vacuum-tube rectification improves the sound and extends tube life.

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