Lyra - Lyra SPT - Stylus Performance Treatment

Lyra - Lyra SPT - Stylus Performance Treatment




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Stylus Cleaner


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The primary function of the Lyra SPT is straightforward - it helps keep your cartridge's stylus scrupulously clean. In doing this, it assists tracking and minimizes damage to your valuable record albums and the cartridge stylus. Unlike other cartridge stylus cleaners, the development of SPT utilized extensive listening tests with the express purpose of improving the sound of your record albums. We believe that this development effort has yielded a major advancement in sound enhancement through stylus treatment.

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Great Cleaner

posted on 04/04/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark K
I received a bottle with my Lyra Stylus. Quickly learned how good it let my records sound. Purchased a second bottle. I use the cleaner every side. A small drop is all it takes. Highly recommended.

Lyra Stylus Treatment

posted on 10/16/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jonathan Frey
I have used this stylus cleaner system (fluid and brush) since I first ordered one from you six years ago. I would use no other. I am currently playing LP's with a Transfiguration Temper W cartridge which is three years in service and showing no signs of either stylus wear or suspension weakening. Tonearm and turntable are Clearaudio Master Reference from early 2002, purchased second-hand from Frank Betz at Soundex Audio. This spring I sent the TQI arm to Germany for a new tonearm wand carriage mechanism, total cost a little less than $400.00. I am listening to a second-hand Capitol of Nat King Cole's "Just One of Those Things", scrubbed with The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner on their 12" brush, and washed and vacuumed with Arrowhead distilled water in the fluid well of a VPI HW17. I feel that this is the way to go in the record and stylus cleaning department of our hobby.

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